Korean Body Scrubbing Technique

The Korean Body Scrubbing Technique or “Seshin” is widely used by Koreans as a part of their culture and skin care regimen that involves vigorous scrubbing of the dead skin cells to unveil new skin underneath.

Many may have watched K-pop idols, k-drama celebrities, and Korean influencers and noticed their skin looks. The glowy, dewy, and supple traits have grasped the attention of the public, leaving them desperately looking for their skincare secrets.

We’ve already been familiar with the makeup secrets through social media and various internet blogs that target that criterion, and we’ve also seen it being practiced as well. The same could be said about their skincare with the Korean 10-step skincare routine.

However, there is much more to know about the Korean Body scrubbing technique. This practice has had many in a chokehold for its multiple skincare benefits as well as health benefits. In this blog, we shall go over the many things you need to know about the Korean Body Scrubbing Technique.

What Goes Into The Korean Body Scrubbing Technique?

The Korean body scrubbing technique mainly consists of the following steps that will be administered by the esthetician tending to the clients. However, many Korean spas may have their ways of executing the technique, but the following steps are generally executed:


1: soaking the body in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes to allow the pores to open up.

2: Prepping the skin for scrubbing. This is where the esthetician will be pouring water onto the body and giving a normal wash down.

3: Using a traditional texturized glove, the esthetician shall start scrubbing away the dead skin cells as well as dirt to let the fresh, clean, new skin emerge from underneath.

4: The esthetician then washes the body and massages it with oil.

5: After the body scrub, the esthetician proceeds with a hair wash followed by a face mask treatment for 15 minutes.

As mentioned before, many spas will administer the technique in their own way. They may even throw in a few more treatments that are beneficial for the client.

Why Are People Crazy About This Technique?

The reason why people are going bananas over this body scrubbing technique is that the technique itself has many benefits that yield surprising results. Being such an effective treatment, it has left many going back for more. So much so that even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have raved about it. Moreover, social media platforms like Refinery29, Allure, Vogue, Insider, and more have spoken highly of the Korean body scrubbing technique. 

Korean Body Scrubbing Technique

By going through what goes into a Korean body scrubbing technique, one would realize that, at its core, it is a simple technique with simple methods and components. These few traits make it an ideal spa day treatment. 

Korean body scrubbing has gained the attention of many social media platforms and companies that showcase different spas that practice this technique and post it on social media for the world to see. Their reaction speaks volumes. And by the looks of it, the technique never disappoints.

What Are The Benefits?

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  • The treatment mainly follows deep exfoliation that scrubs away every bit of dead skin cells, dirt, and toxins to reveal soft, supple skin from within.
  • The scrubbing motion in the treatment not only provides skincare benefits like scrubbing away dead skin cells, prevention of ingrown hairs, and open pores, but it also provides several healthcare benefits such as improved blood circulation, unclogged pore that promote better sweating out of the toxins and better absorption of nutrients from other treatments.
  • Besides improving blood circulation, it also promotes higher lymphatic drainage that leads to reduced formation of cellulite and improves the texture of the skin.
  • This treatment is also known to be the most relaxing and destressing treatment for anyone who’s looking for a moment to unwind and let go of stress.

Do’s and Don’ts of The Korean Body Scrubbing Method:

1. Lose the Shower Gel:

While getting a Korean body scrubbing, most often bar soaps are used instead of liquid soaps and shower gels. Most Korean spa houses suggest using their bar soap in the pre-soak.

2. Soak For 30 Minutes:

In this stage, clients are to stay in medium-hot water for at least 30 minutes to let the pores open, and the skin wrinkles or shrivels up like a prune, which is good for a pre-soak.

3. Lose the Clothes:

Many Korean spa houses require their clients to have little to no clothes before going in for the treatment as it helps the esthetician or scrub mistress to get into every crevice of the body and scrub it thoroughly. This also includes accessories like jewelry and people with long hair are required to bring along a hair tie to tie their hair in a high bun.

4. Unwind Completely And Loosen Up:

The esthetician or scrub mistress will be determined to scrub every inch of your body so it is important to loosen up the body and refrain from rigidity of any sort. Things may feel painful at first but it won’t anymore if you completely relax.

5. Weekly Scrubbing:

Korean spa houses recommend getting a body scrub not more than once a week as clients may risk over-exfoliation. A weekly scrubbing should be enough to maintain the skin’s vibrancy, muscle relaxation, and blood circulation.


So now you know mostly about the Korean body scrubbing method. 

To recap, it is a method that follows a literal, physical scrub down of the body to get rid of toxins and dead skin. It promotes several health and skin care benefits. 

The Korean body scrubbing technique is the most popular among Koreans, of course, but it is slowly becoming recognized worldwide. If you are intrigued, give it a try.