Looking for Prescription Sunglasses: Know the Best place to buy them!

All Spectacled People know how one is always debating about the type of frame to use and the pair of prescription sunglass to buy so that one looks smart and attractive, even with a prescription lens attached to the sunglasses. One looks for comfort frames that can be worn all day long without any strain.

When it comes to buying Prescription Sunglasses, here are some of the things to consider:

Type of frame: 

You may choose a metal frame or plastic frame.

  • In the case of metal frames, Titanium frames are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They cost a bit more than other frames. But they are durable. Flexon is an alloy of titanium and is very flexible. It is increasingly used in eye frames. Aluminium is used in high-end frames and is durable, flexible, and strong. Whereas beryllium costs a little less than other frames and is lightweight, flexible, and strong.
  • Plastic frames are very popular, especially among the youth, since these are lightweight, available in varied sizes, shapes, and colour, as well as are relatively cheap. This makes these frames great for school and college students.
  • You may also consider rimless frames. These are also lightweight, flexible, yet delicate. They look very sophisticated and classy. These come in a variety of coloured glasses that adds to the charm.

The perfect Shape :

Frames come in different shapes and sizes. One must select the right frame that suits your face.

  • If you have a square face, you may go for oval or round-shaped glasses.
  • For round faces, rectangular or cat-eye-shaped glasses are apt.
  • For heart-shaped faces, oval and rimless glasses go very well.

The perfect Fit

The pair of prescription sunglasses that you would choose to buy must be a good fit for you. It must not pinch you or itch you. It must not be bigger than the width of your face. For a good fit, you must try on the glasses. After all, these are the glasses that you will wear throughout the day. It must be comfortable.

The Lens fit

We have discussed all the frames; let us talk about the Prescription Lens now.

  • For that, you must have the latest ophthalmic check-up done. With the correct prescription, you should try and assess the type of lens needed-zero power, single vision, or bifocals.
  • You may even add on some valuable lens coatings that would improve the lens’s durability and longevity. Many coatings are available, like scratch-resistant, dustproof, anti-reflective, blue light protection, and so on.
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Now that you have known about these factors while buying Prescription Sunglasses. Let us look at a few options in both designer and non-designer categories.

Non-Designer Sunglasses are less expensive but quite trendy and may provide value for your money. You may shop for Non-designer sunglasses at the following places:

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a decent place to buy non-designer sunglasses. They start at a range of $70 and above. They have a variety of glasses range. They offer economical glasses that can be used for everyday use. If you get confused by looking at the varied glass range, there is a quiz that one may take to determine which type of frame would suit him or her.

Zenni Opticals

Zenni Opticals offers a variety of sunglasses to choose from. These are very reasonable and go easy on your pocket, with the basic range starting at $7 to $47. However, you may have to pay more if you want add-ons in addition to the frames and glasses.


EyeBuyDirect offers a simple, inexpensive, and easily affordable frame. One may go for these if the quality is not an issue. These are great if you want a spare pair of Sunglasses ready for emergencies. Though the quality is not on top, the glasses are quite trendy.

If you love Designer Sunglasses then, the following are some of the stores you may check out:


GlassesUSA gives you the option of affordable designer Sunglasses, and you do not have to pay much. They provide designer glasses starting at $38. Some of the brands that are available in EyeBuyDirect are Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, and the like.


EZContacts had started their journey selling contact lenses but later started selling Designer Lenses too. These have a good range of designer glasses and sunglasses. However, they offer more choice and quality in selling contact lenses.


DesignerEyes offer a wide range of designer and prescription sunglasses. It is a premium product store; therefore, all the brands are very costly. Some of the well-known branded sunglasses they sell include Cartier, Fendi, Dior, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, and others.

Now let’s answer the most important question. If the above-mentioned brands are decent glasses stores, then which one is the Best?

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The answer is DesignerOptics.

Designer Optics is by far the best among all the major stores that offer Sunglasses and Prescription Glasses. Here are the reasons that make DesignerOptics so remarkable.

  • Prices for Everyone

The DesignerOptics store has great prices for all. This means that whether you are looking for a designer or non-designer Prescription Sunglasses, you must check out the DesignerOptics Store. There are many offers and coupons that they provide regularly. Therefore, there is something for everyone.

  • Wide Variety

Designer Optics has a wide variety of Prescription Glasses as well as Sunglasses. You may even have Prescription Sunglasses that would be imbibed in the Sunglasses. There are designer glasses like Cartier, Dior, Tom Ford, and the like. Besides, they have an amazing range of non-designer glasses and sunglasses too.

  • Happy Customers

The DesignerOptics believe that every customer is important, and they make unique user experiences that add value to the life of the customers. Thus making Customers happy is their No.1 priority. They offer many customizations in the form of add-ons in Prescription Sunglasses. These add-ons include scratch resistance, anti-fog, anti-dust, waterproof, blue radiation prevention, and so on. These add-ons may increase your payment, but these add durability and longevity to your pair of sunglasses.

  • Ultra-modern Manufacturing techniques

At DesignerOptics, we understand the importance of changing with times and adopting new and latest technologies. We have a highly advanced Optical lab with amazing precision technology for Lens manufacturing and tinting of lenses. This leads to making high-quality Lenses and amazing frames for Prescription Glasses that will stick with you for a long time.

Prescription Sunglasses play a pivotal role in the lives of people who need to wear these glasses all day long, all year long. Therefore, it is an important decision to make. We have shown why DesignerGlasses is your one shop stop when it comes to buying designer and Non-designer Prescription Sunglasses and glasses. Not only do they offer amazing offers and coupons, but they also have exquisite design and innovative glasses and Prescription Sunglasses. They have an enormous range of glasses to choose from, thus giving the customer many options. They also make the customer include add-ons for the lenses that provide strength and durability for the prescription glasses. Undoubtedly, your search for quality Prescription Sunglasses and fashionable Sunglasses ends with DesignerOptics.


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