Why do We Use myFHinfo? Know its significance

Have you ever wanted to know the Data about your compensation and advantages and how they might affect you while you are on leave? At myFHinfo, You can get to your compensation and advantage bank data, including your compensation sees, through this app. Further, in this article, we will learn everything in detail about how this site helps you think about your Fraser health. Later on, we will likewise examine the other related things which you should know. 

How to Access your compensation and advantage data from home at myFHinfo?

To access from home, you should have signed into the website at any rate once from a Fraser Health PC. 

  • Go to the far off myFHinfo page. 
  • Enter your organization ID (for example, mmarr) and secret key. 
  • Select ‘Login,’ at that point ‘View My Pay Notice.’ 

Guidelines for representatives on leave 

  • Go to the far-off home page. 
  • Enter your organization ID (for example, mmarr) and secret key. 
  • Select ‘Login,’ at that point ‘View My Pay Notice.’ 
  • Enter your representative number, select your month and day of birth, and enter your actuation code (call the companies to uphold line at 1-877-795-4119 and say ‘Undertaking Support’ to get your code). 
  • Click ‘Make.’ 
  • Read the ‘Information Access and Confidentiality Agreement.’ 
  • To proceed, select ‘Acknowledge’ and ‘Proceed.’ 
  • Click ‘Proceed’ once more; at that point, select ‘View My Pay Notice.’ 

Fraser Health staff individuals can call Payroll straightforwardly at their contact. If you get a ‘Login Failed’ message, contact the Service Desk at 604-585-5544 to reset your secret phrase. Reveal to them you are not with the Fraser Health organization anymore

How is my compensation affected while on leave? 

At Fraser Health, you’ve wiped out bank goes about as your momentary handicap plan. If you should be off work and your disease or injury isn’t essential for a WorksafeBC guarantee, your accessible wiped out the bank will pay you the amount of money you deserve. If you need more time in your debilitated bank, you may have to go on a neglected leave until you return to work or progress to long haul handicap. 

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What can happen if I would run out of paid wiped-out time? 

Your time-card will be coded as ‘neglected debilitated time,’ which draws from your time away (LOA) bank. Around then, you might qualify for Medical Employment Insurance through Service Canada. 

How would I acquire a Record of Employment (ROE)? 

  • Your Record of Employment (ROE) can be gotten through myFHinfo, under the “Solicitation My Information” tab. 
  • Your ROE won’t be handled until the payroll interval’s finish that your paid wiped out leave exhausts. 
  • You are answerable for revealing any income after your ROE has been given to Service Canada. 
  • If you have inquiries concerning your ROE, contact Fraser Health’s finance division

How would I change to extended haul incapacity? 

Your non-attendance and incapacity of the board contact will direct you through this cycle. Associate with them straightforwardly if you have specific inquiries. Get familiar with long-haul inability. 

Health and government assistance benefits of  myFHinfo

Health and government assistance advantages may incorporate Extended Health, MSP, Dental, Group Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), and Long Term Disability (LTD). Survey your Benefits Booklet to discover which health and government assistance benefits are accessible to you. You can get to your Benefits Booklet on myFHinfo, under “General Employee Information.” 

Effect on health and government assistance benefits while on a leave

While on neglected leave, your time away (LOA) bank is drained. Whenever you have exhausted your LOA bank, your boss paid health, and government assistance advantages will stop. Now, you will have the choice of proceeding with advantage inclusion by paying for the charges yourself. You will be sent an ‘Advantage Costing Letter,’ which you can access under ‘Notifications.’ If you are on leave and your LOA bank has drained, and you have not gotten a Benefit Costing Letter, you can mail it. 

Significant notes on myFHinfo

  • They will drop Benefit inclusion if you don’t restore the Benefit Costing Letter inside the cutoff time on the letter. 
  • They can also drop Benefit inclusion if you delay paying for the expenses as illustrated on your Benefits Costing letter. 
  • If you have inquiries concerning when restoration of boss paid advantage inclusion will happen, email People Information and Benefits
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If you are thinking about retirement at any phase of your work, you should interface with Fraser Health’s Benefits office so they can give specific data to your circumstance. Here are some comprehensive data about retirement for your thought: 

  • The typical retirement age is 65; notwithstanding, you may resign as ahead of schedule, like 55, or you may keep on working past age 65 if you pick. 
  • There are changes in the qualification of advantages in the year you turn 65 and past. Contact Fraser Health’s Benefits office for more data. 
  • It would be best to examine retirement a half year before the proposed date of retirement with your administrator and in any event two months earlier with the Benefits office

What is the Fraser Health Workspace ONE stage? 

Workspace ONE is Fraser Health’s fresh out of the plastic new Enterprise Mobility Management foundation arrangement. It empowers clients to encounter consistent admittance to Fraser Health applications and corporate assets to meet business and clinical requirements while ensuring individual, corporate, and patient information through encryption and approved Fraser Health security systems. 

What are the client qualification necessities to take a crack at BYOD? 

Workspace ONE enlistment is available to all Fraser Health staff who meet the accompanying rules: 

  • Fraser Health corporate staff qualified for a corporate gadget (if you right now have a corporate device, if it’s not too much trouble, examine your agreement expiry and BYOD qualification with your chief). 
  • Fraser Health clinical staff (doctors, nurture specialists, and birthing assistants) have advantages at Fraser Health’s intense locales
  • All other Fraser Health staff whose jobs could profit by portable admittance to email and Fraser Health apps/information (if uncertain, if it’s not too much trouble, talk about your qualification with your supervisor preceding making a BYOD demand).


As we had discussed in the beginning that these are things that we would learn in this post, we did that. We hope now you know everything about the myFHinfo. Everyone should use it to see the information about their healths. We hope this post was helpful to you.

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