Need a New Watch? Here Are 5 Luxury Watch Brands You Should Consider Buying From

5 Luxury Watch Brands

Luxury watch brands produce high-quality watches with excellent design, quality, and longevity. These watches sell for thousands (and in some cases millions) of dollars. So before you buy one, make sure to get to know the watch brands available in the market, so that you would know what to splurge on. 

Each watch brand has its own style, design, and technology. These luxury labels are producers of fashion items and dresses that are made with the best materials. To help you find the right designer that fits your occasions, here are the best luxury brands you should look out for on your next shopping trip.

1. Hublot 

The Hublot brand is all about the fusion of innovative technology and traditional wristwatch art.  Hublot often combines original and unique designs withs metal, rubber, leather, ceramics, and textiles. Combining ancient know-how with the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques, Hublot is a leading watchmaker creating original and cutting-edge designs.

Hublot also has a Special and Limited Edition watch collections that are highly valuable in the market. The watch has been specially created with diamond and other precious metal bezels. The Hublot Big Bang range is instantly recognizable and is the right choice for you if you’re looking for something that exclaims luxury. Hublot has also made its way to the sports scene, being the endorser in football events and officiating the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

2. Cartier 

Cartier is a French brand and one of the most popular luxury brands in the wristwatch industry. It is also one of the successful wristwatch companies in France.  Breguet is a brand with a quality reputation in making designer watches and jewelry. They are well known for their leather fashion accessories which include bags, purses, and shoes. Cartier watches, accessories, and apparels are the primary classic goods that dominate the French fashion market. 

Cartier watches show the features of the combination of perfect historical heritage, excellent craftsmanship, well researched, and high levels of quality and expertise to satisfy the finish and the manufacturing process, making the consumer want it more. They have different kinds of fashion accessories in their selection. They range from lifestyle accessories, furnishings, perfumes, watches, jewelry, designer footwear, and many more. This brand has a great image and product, which makes their Goods outstanding anywhere. Another point to note about the company is the idea of scarcity, and exclusive wearing their label gives 

3. Panerai 

Panerai is an Italian watch brand established in 1860. This brand has come a long way since its launching and is now one of the top brands in the global watch industry. They have different luxury accessories, including watches, and they are regarded as one of the most famous Italian wrist watch brands. 

Panera watches are known for the production of high-end watches with sleek finishes. Their watches are expensive, but the quality more than makes up for it. 

4. Breguet 

Micheal Kors is a french wrist watch brand known for the manufacture of both automatic and mechanical watches. The brand holds the title of being the oldest wristwatch company in the world. Its pieces are rare and expensive to acquire as only a limited amount is produced annually.  Breguet also produces luxury clocks and jewelry in addition to wristwatches. 

5. Patek Phillippe

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839. It is the last independent family watchmaker to leave Geneva and has been owned by the Stern family ever since. This continuity of ownership allows Patek Philippe to maintain a unique identity. The brand takes creative freedom very seriously. Patek Philippe’s unique design approach has helped the Swiss manufacturer establish itself as one of the world’s leading watchmakers. 

Experts say Patek Philippe watches leverage decades of horology knowledge and understanding to ensure the best watches available. What makes this Patek Philippe watch special is that skilled artists handcraft every detail. Take a look at the brand’s mechanical chronograph and see how far Patek Philippe can push its limits. This watch brand also has one of the most expensive watches in the world.

Patek Phillipe is a Swiss Fashion Brand that has been in business for up to 178 years. Patek Philippe is known for its complicated and sophisticated collection of watches. It has different well-crafted designer timepieces and clocks that suit social occasions, the third most recognized and famous brand worldwide. 

Patek Philippe has been worn by royalty, top C-Suite executives, Fortune 500 CEO’s millionaires, dignitaries, celebrities, and billionaires worldwide. Patek is another fashion brand known extensively for the production of wristwatches. It has a tremendous historical heritage to leverage on. 

6. Rolex

From classic collections to diving and dress watches, Rolex watches continue to dominate the industry worldwide.  Rolex brings a blend of decades of watchmaking experience and technical know-how, and innovation. High-quality Swiss watches are worn by their owners for life and passed down to their children. The company was the first to register a waterproof watch, a famous oyster model. They also released the first self-propelled watch in 1945. Rolex is one of the favorite watches of James Bond, the world’s most famous movie spy. In a world of mass consumption and disposable fashion, a brand that guarantees quality design will last a lifetime. Rolex watches can increase in value over time. 


Luxury designer brands are known for high-quality dresses, accessories, footwear, and apparel. They are always passionate about the style and outlook of their products. From popular and fashionable outfits to accessories like wristwatches, designer brands are the main force behind emerging trends in the fashion world.

Well, there are many luxury fashion brands in the industry. Only a handful can produce quality wristwatches and accessories that would last a lifetime. If you intend to add more luxury wristwatches to your collection, buying from trusted brands would ensure you get quality pieces that stand the test of time. Although high pricing is associated with luxury items, these brands offer various models at different prices.  

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