NOMOS Glashutte: Elegantly Classic Watches of the Modern Days

NOMOS Glashutte: Elegantly Classic Watches

NOMOS Glashutte is a leading watch manufacturer in Germany that continuously wows its fans for its simple and minimalist design. The classic design combined with modern style simply attract watch collectors and lovers. Compared to other luxury watch brands, it is more affordable without compromising the quality of the timepieces. 

In addition, it even won some awards for its superb performance and therefore highlighted its name in the industry. Another great feature that NOMOS has contributed in the history is the NOMOS Swing System. The success of this independent German watch brand continues to expand as it involves new technology in their production. 


The firm opened in Saxon town in Glashutte, Germany in 1990. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roland Schwertner launched the company. At present, we know that the NOMOS watch is one of the most coveted watches of today. Schwertner says he ensures that the brand’s calibers are developed in-house with the actual number of 95% vertical integration of the mechanisms.

NOMOS Glashutte is the biggest mechanical watch manufacturer in Germany. The company still has roughly 300 German people working for it now. Hand-made components complete their watches. Its specialists focus on each element of the production process from the first stage of milling to fine-tuning the calibers.

Superb Components 

Having a company that produces in-house components says something incredible about the watch company. That alone is the best reason why NOMOS Glashutte can showcase its capability of producing high-performing watches in the market. The following are the refined components that NOMOS uses in its clocks.

Brushed Finish

This distinctly attractive and noticeably rougher polish is apparent on the ratchet and on the ratchet spring. It is a combination of freehand sketching and a substance that is like fine sandpaper.


NOMOS Perlage is known by several names. A revolving rod covered with diamond dust is used, causing various circular forms, and the end products are rather close together.

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The engraving can add an additional level of uniqueness to a watch. These delicate NOMOS Calibers include balance cocks that are hand-engraved by a professional engraver with the words “Mit Liebe in Glashutte gefertigt” , meaning “Lovingly produced in Glashutte”.

Glashutte Ribbing 

The striped finish is most often created in diagonal lines over the surface and somewhat comparable to Côtes de Genève. 

Black Polish

Our gold Lambda and Lux model production uses a finish of a specific type, which is applied during the process. The watch’s steel parts, such as the ratchet and ratchet spring, are polished with a tin plate until no defects can be seen even with a magnifying glass. The edges of these pieces, on the other hand, are still perfectly beveled and do not have any rounded edges.

Glashutte Sunburst

It uses a circular pattern on its hand-wound and automatic movements’ ratchet wheels. Two opposite-spinning motors fasten each wheel into a machine. There is also a rotating cylinder covered with diamond paste that turns the ratchet wheel into the finish, which is also rotating. When the light changes, it looks like a tiny brilliant sun or, on its best days, a tiny snail.

NOMOS Swing System

It is an in-house escapement that no other companies can produce. The extensive study and experiment led NOMOS to create such precise mechanical operation involving the balance, balance spring, lever, and the escape wheel.

NOMOS Models 

The NOMOS watch collections have a distinctive classic design that shows the clarity of time with its clear face. Below are the significant series that molded the history of NOMOS. 


It is the best selling watch of NOMOS over the years that offers a round case and clean dial. Apart from that is the durable cordovan leather strap that adds more class to the watch. The size ranges from 35mm to 41mm while the price starts from $1,000 to $3,100 depending on the model.


Lambda is the golden collection as it uses 18kgold for its polished cases, perfect partner as a dress watch to the corporate world. It has a power reserve that lasts up to 3 days with the in-house movement NOMOS Atelier caliber DUW 1001. This is one of the most costly collections of NOMOS as its price incurs $17,000 for the gold ones while pricing the white gold with $20,000.

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NOMOS Metro is one of the popular collections of NOMOS together with Tangente. The unique escapement Swing System was first launched through this model in 2014. The cases come in either rose gold or stainless steel and have the notable 60-minute set of markers. 

Metro men’s watches have date displays at the 6 o’clock position and power reserve indicator with the manual DUW 4401 caliber movement. With regards to the price, it starts at $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the complications added to the watch. The most expensive version of  NOMOS Metro is the one with the rose gold case, incurring the price of $9,700.


NOMOS Club has the youthful vibe compared to all the models of NOMOS. It looks sporty yet simple in its size of 42mm and 200m water resistance. However, the Campus series take down the size to 38mm or 39mm. The Campus collection comes in white, midnight blue, and black dial with the newest 2021 color addition – orange and gray. NOMOS Club models price starts at $1,550 up to $4,060 depending on the movement and complications embedded. 


NOMOS Ahoi is the one for sports people. Its greatest features are the water resistance through a 200m deep water, waterproof textile strap, and the crown protector. What’s more is that the hands and hour markers are luminous so no matter how dark underwater is, the time is still visible. 

Final Thoughts

The classic dress watch, as we may say, but nevertheless profound for its high quality and technical advances. NOMOS Glashutte watches definitely hit the market with its minimalist aesthetic design and incredible performance. 

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