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Want to know which spy web series are best to watch? In this article, we have listed the 10 best spy Web series. You can watch it in 2022 and beyond. So, if you don’t have any ideas on what web series falls in the category of this genre of TV shows and series, you can read about them below. Most of them are some of the best spies shows ever shot. You can say that they are content about parenting, marriages, history, and more. So, there is no limit on the type of content you can see in this genre. Without taking much time, let us begin.

Best spy web series: How Did We Review These Stories?

You may be wondering that what is the reason that we chose these ten spy web series in this list. However, you deserve the answer. Because of the audience’s demand, we have come up with these web series, but of course, there are hundreds of old and new shows to watch. But the audience needs something worth watching. Right? Yes, and that’s the reason why you are reading this post.

We have chosen these movies and put them on this list because we analyzed them. It includes checking the variables like seasons, scores of each season, reviews by the audience, reviews collected by legit media channels, and overall public feedbacks. 

Top 5 Hindi web series about secret agents
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Moreover, we have filtered out them based on their success. You can say,  web series that are hit and some of the most successful, are included in this list. So, you are at the right place, if you are looking for the best spy web series to watch.

What Is Spy Genre?

The first James Bond movie in 1962 introduced the new genre of film, spy. The movie was all about a hero that wanted to use his gun and investigate the global threats. You can see some of the best technologies, too much action, crazy twists, and sometimes comedy in these films. 

So, spy movies are worth watching. It has some of the best storylines like terrorism, real-life agencies, political issues, conspiracy theories, and crises. However, digital releases have changed the world of TV shows, movies, and web series. So, spy web series are also changed. 

Best Spy Web Series:

Do you know that what is the best time to watch spy movies and web series? It’s now. Yes! This time is the best to watch spy TV shows and web series. You may be spending all your day scrolling media and playing games. But it all gives the same feelings of entertainment. But watching these ten best spy shows will make you more entertained. 

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Moreover, some of these series are more than action, comedy, thriller, and more. Hence, you will get a combination of all genres in these web series. Here are the ten best series in the spy genre.

Top 10 Best Web Series (Spy Genre):

The Family Man:

The family man is available on Amazon that shows the story of Shrikant Tiwari. He lives two lives a spy and a regular man. There is one Fictional branch of the National Investigation Agency. It is known as (TASC) threat analysis and surveillance cell. 

Mr. Tiwari got two children and has been doing so much juggling duties. He needs to keep all his work, date, files, and secretes private. When he started a mission about the terrorist plot, he faced his family apart. So, this one is a great spy web series to watch.


You can watch on Amazon and Netflix. In this web series, you can see some events in 1967. It was a six-day war between Syria and Israel. Eli Cohen has the lead role and was recruited by a Syrian Defence Ministry. In this spy web series, the lead character gets a new name Kamel Amin Thaabet.

He established himself as a Syrian high class and made friends from Syria’s Deputy Minister of defense. Do you like watching these types of spy web series or web content? Then go and watch this web series.

Bard Of Blood:

Bard of blood is available to watch on Netflix. You can see a group of Indian operatives from an Indian Intelligence Wing. They have to compromise and because the Taliban capture them. They wanted to send some essential information to India, but the Taliban captured them. The agents were about to be executed. But the former spy officer Kabir Anand (Emraan Hashmi) got the charge to rescue them. 

He built a team with two more officers and went for Balochistan. However, their mission failed. It’s an exciting web series. Watch this Indian web series on Netflix.

London Confidential:

Do you know Indian actress Mouni Roy? If you know her, you will enjoy this Indian web series. In this web series, India is under attack by a virus from china. You can relate it to real-life situations. If you love watching new and unique spy web series, watch this web series now.

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan:

You can watch this spy web series on Amazon Prime Video. Here, the main character is a junior CIA. He finds a few suspicious activities like transferring $9 million by an Islamic extremist, Suleiman, in Yemen. Thus, the main character gets removed from the office and sent for the investigation. 

Do you enjoy this type of spy web series? The character reaches the American base in Yemen. Suleiman and his bodyguard were there, and the team was investigating them about the money. It’s one of the best spy web series you can watch online. 

Black Mirror:

It’s again a Netflix web series or says spy web series. Have you watched a series like The Twilight Zone? The Black Mirror is one of the most successful and entertaining web series, inspired by The Twilight Zone. How much do you love Technological Development and technology?

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In this web series, you can see the love and crazy of technology in society. There are episodes of 60-90 minutes. If you are crazy about technology, try watching this web series.


Israeli filmmaker Oded Ruskin directed this web series. Here, you can know the story of an FBI agent. She goes on one mission. But she was declared as the dead. Then later found after six years. She has lost her memory, and no one knows what happened in those six years. However, the story becomes complicated when there is a doubt that she is the murderer.

Do you love watching content about FBI agents? If you, this web series can be used unique and best that you like to watch. Go and watch this spy web series now.

Special Ops:

You can watch this web Sri on Disney+Hotstar because it’s one of the best spy thriller series. It is a story of a senior agent from the research and analysis wing (RAW). The main character is Himmat Singh, found responsible for the 2001 parliament attacks for 19 long years. So, there is an investigation going on in his life.

You can see the use of real money to sustain and aid five secret agents that are roaming around the world. All of them are under Himmat Singh. Did this little trailer excite you about this web series?

Kathmandu Connection:

In this web series, Amit Sial is one of the overzealous police officers. He goes to an investigation about the hoteliers kidnaping. On the other hand, CBI officer Ritesh Agarwal has been investigating the murderer of one colleague. You can watch this web series on SonyLiv. There is one new anchor Shivani Bhatnagar. She has been receiving blank calls and being stalked. 

We want to give no more spoilers because it will kill your excitement. So, if you are looking for some of the best spy web series to watch, you can consider Kathmandu Connection. In this web series, you will get an exciting and entertaining story.


You can watch this web series on Voot Select. It’s the last spy web series on our list. However, there are more to watch, but these are some of the best content. The director of this web series is Apoorva Lakhia. This web series falls under the category of terrorism thriller. Here, one anti-terrorist squad was deployed to track some dangerous terrorists.

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This web series will keep you entertained because of the constant plot and exciting twists. However, if you don’t connect to the characters, you can not enjoy this content. So, try connecting to them.

Wrapping Up:

Have you watched any of these ten best spy web series? We explained how the spy genre came into the picture. Also, the way it keeps entertaining people. We also discussed how filmmakers combine some concepts in spy movies to make them impactful. If you have watched these web series, share your reviews here. Do you want to know about other TV shows, web series, and movies? Let us know. We will guide you through more content.

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