The Best and Easy Methods to make a Powerpoint Subscript

You’re here because you need to make a PowerPoint subscript or superscript. You’ve come to the right place because even the regular PowerPoint user does not know how to do this.  They don’t have the foggiest idea about all the arranging tips and deceives impromptu. Be that as it may, have no dread, causing numbers to seem more modest and adjusted above or beneath the remainder of the content in your PowerPoint slides is simple, and this article will show you how. Continue to peruse to figure out how to take a superscript or leap ahead to subscripts. 

What are Superscript and Subscript?

Subscript will, in general, show up at or underneath the standard though the superscript shows up over the benchmark. They are utilized in equations, numerical articulations, specifications of substance mixtures of isotopes. They have numerous different uses too. The subscript is to separate certain characters from the others. The utilization of subscripts is uncommon; however, it is, for the most part, used to show the number of molecules in synthetic mixtures and conditions. 

Making a Powerpoint Subscript

Like superscript, a subscript is an arranging style frequently utilized in math and science to communicate equations (like H20). The difference is that in the subscription organization, the content seems more modest and adjusted underneath the standard content (in contrast to superscript, which is adjusted previously). Follow these means to arrange subscript content in PowerPoint

Spot your cursor where you need the subscript to go 

Put your cursor in the specific spot where you need to type your subscript. 

Snap-on the Subscript (X2) button 

Ensure you are in the “Home” menu; at that point, click on the Subscript catch named X2 close to the upper right of your window. On the other hand, you can utilize the easy console route—just hit ctrl and + simultaneously, and your cursor will be in subscript mode. 

Type your subscript 

Type any content you need for your subscript. It will show up as a subscript. 

Snap-on the subscript catch once more. 

To leave the subscript mode and keep composing in your ordinary content arrangement, click the Subscript catch again. You could likewise utilize the alternate console route, ctrl and +, to leave subscript mode. 

Substitute Method to make a PowerPoint subscript 

Technique 1: Use the ‘Home’ tab 

At the point when you open up PowerPoint, you’ll see it opens the ‘Home’ tab in the lace at the highest point of your window. There are various text style alternatives all set for you to attempt, however tragically, superscript and subscript aren’t important for the picked, not many, so this is what to do: 

  • Expand the text style choices by tapping the image in the base right of the text style part of your home window
  • Check the crate for one or the other superscript or subscript in the window that will open up. 
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Technique 2: Superscript and subscript console alternate ways 

If you utilize superscript or subscript a ton, you should know the alternate console to save you establishing around in sub-menus. 

  • Highlight the content you need to make superscript or subscript. 
  • Use one of the accompanying easy routes: 
    • Superscript: Ctrl + Shift + Plus 
    • Subscript: Ctrl + Plus 
  • When you’ve composed your superscript or subscript content, hit the alternate way again and keep composing as typical. 

Indeed, if this has sparked your interest in alternate console routes, we have a convenient cheat sheet you can download and utilize. 

Technique 3: Add superscript and subscript choices to your Quick Access Toolbar 

There is an alternative to have both the superscript and subscript choices at a simple a single tick away and promptly available consistently to utilize PowerPoint, which is to add them to your Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar is a strip of devices that sits above or beneath the fundamental PowerPoint lace and saves you looking in sub-menus to discover the usefulness you utilize most often. 

You can make your own by following these means: 

  • Right snap on the fundamental PowerPoint strip and select ‘Tweak Quick Access Toolbar.’ 
  • Add the orders you utilize the most – including superscript and subscript. Both of these alternatives are found in the ‘All orders’ drop-down and recorded sequentially. 
  • Once you click ‘alright,’ the toolbar will show over your lace. We believe it’s simpler to access beneath the lace, so right snap again and pick the choice ‘Show Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon. 

Superscript in PowerPoint 

Superscript is text an organizing style that makes the text more modest and adjusted higher than the consistently designed content in your PowerPoint slides. It is most usually utilized in numerical conditions and scientific recipes (like examples, for example, X2), so this data will be valuable for any individual who needs to remember those sorts of things for their introductions. Right away, here’s how to do it: 

How would you embed a superscript in Powerpoint? 

  • Place your cursor where you need the superscript to go 
  • Click on the Superscript (X2) catch (or hit ctrl, shift, and +) 
  • Type your superscript 
  • Click on the Superscript catch (or hit ctrl, shift, and +) once more. 

Instructions to do make PowerPoint subscript in Mac 

We have taken the underneath synthetic recipe that has subscripts in it. Follow the means underneath to do superscript in Powerpoint. 

  • Create a content obstruct and enter H2O first. 
  • Select the number 2 and press the Command+Equal sign (=). 
  • Repeat the means for 2, 12, 22, and 11. For the number 3, utilize the means to embed superscript in Powerpoint as expressed previously. 

Instructions to do Powerpoint subscript in Windows 

  • In your slide, you need to enter the recipe above. 
  • As you see, subscripts are utilized for the numbers 2, 12, 22, and the number 11. 
  • Select the initial two from H2O and press CTRL+Equal sign(=) on the console simultaneously. 
  • Repeat the means for every one of the numbers to change over them as subscripts in Powerpoint. 
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How to do this with the Home tab? 

  • Highlight the character you need to organize as a subscript in Powerpoint. 
  • Under the Home Tab, push on the text style bunch and pick the text style exchange box launcher. 
  • Under impacts on the Font tab, click on subscript by putting a mind to the case. 

Utilizing the arranging toolbar 

  • Highlight the character you need to arrange as a subscript. 
  • Click the X2 symbol on the toolbar. 
  • You have done a superscript for the character chosen. 

Instructions to embed a subscript and superscript in PowerPoint with image 

How to do it in macOS? 

  • Firstly supplement a subscript or superscript. 
  • Secondly, go to the Insert tab and push on the symbol. 
  • In the image box, select typical content from the Font drop-down list. 
  • The Subset drop-down rundown will have superscript and subscript alternatives; press it. 
  • On the image box, pick the image of your decision and press Insert. 
  • Lastly, pick a nearby alternative. 

How to do it in Windows? 

  • Under the Insert tab, press on the symbol. 
  • Scroll to the letter-like images and add the image with superscript/subscript of your decision. 

For what reason do we utilize PowerPoint? 

PowerPoint as a Tool utilized for different purposes 

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentational program made by Forethought inc. which was initially presented in 1987 for the Macintosh framework. The utilization of Microsoft PowerPoint relies profoundly upon the maker’s capacity, innovativeness, and creative mind ability. A portion of the employments of Microsoft PowerPoint are: 

  • Educational utilizations: PowerPoint is usually utilized by educators/educators to appoint a show on the section or book they instruct in the class. It is likewise workable for them to feature significant focuses that are fundamental for cover for that specific point. 
  • Business: Business is generally arranging, making methodologies, execution, and so forth. PowerPoint assists these individuals with making a design of their arrangement which later can be executed. One can grandstand techniques and methodologies as outlines, diagrams, and pictures. To show numbers and computations utilizing equation or capacity, subscript and superscript become an integral factor while making a show. 
  • The government uses: PowerPoint is exceptionally valuable as far as representation of complex information since it is complicated to follow headings in an administration office. We should effectively find or access taxpayer-supported organizations through the archive chance that a resident visits an administration office. 
  • Job searchers: It is workable to make an advanced resume or sight and sound resume through PowerPoint, which empowers them to remarkably introduce their abilities and information to the questioners. 


A subculture has ascended from the wide utilization of the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, making lovers turn a dry show into an imaginative medium. PowerPoint activity can likewise be utilized to make games, motion pictures, and numerous others. Overall, designing with text styles assumes a significant part in getting the conditions and capacities right while working with PowerPoint subscript and superscript. Powerpoint isn’t just elementary to use yet. Additionally, a stage that, with its highlights, makes the show creation and execution a superior encounter. We hope you loved this article and got valuable information that you wanted to know.

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