Some Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete floors can always crack, absorb oil and grease, and become ugly and not a treat to look at. You can tackle most of these problems by applying an epoxy flooring on your  concrete floor. Find out the best suitable epoxy floors on your industrial floors by visiting this Epoxy Resin Flooring company.

Epoxy coatings consist of two distinct substance, a resin and a hardener. For applying the coating you need to mix the two in the suggested proportions and recommended method. This mixture will result in a chemical reaction that then makes for a surface that is highly durable and good to look at. Epoxy is highly resistant to oil, grease, and many other spilled fluids, and will never become slippery. 

In spite of these distinct advantages, there are still some myths about epoxy coatings that prevent people from using them on their concrete floors. The primary one is that does inhibit many potential users is that it is expensive. Well, you are protecting your floor and giving it attributes that it never had, and this is bound too have some cost. Even so, epoxy is available as solid epoxy, the most expensive, and cheaper water and solvent based coatings. If your floor is large, choosing a water based epoxy can be kinder on your pocket. They still contain 60 percent of epoxy and are almost a fifth of the cost of solid epoxy. A solid epoxy is more suited to industrial environments that see problems with high traffic, heavy loads, and chemicals.

Another myth that is common is that epoxy can only be applied on concrete floors. On the contrary, use this hard and durable coating for anything that you want to preserve in its pristine state, even if it is made from wood, metal, or any other cement application. Epoxy is very resistant to stains, and this makes it ideal for any surface that you want to maintain like a showroom. 

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There is a feeling among people that as epoxy is just a coating, you will need to reapply it every two or three years if you want to continue with its advantages. You may have to do so, if the original epoxy coating is not properly installed. For a good installation, you will require to prepare the floor adequately, mix the resin and hardener as suggested, and apply it in the correct way. Do this, and your epoxy will last for as long as 20 years, as long as you maintain cleanliness of the floor. Floors need to be cleaned and roughened for proper adhesion of the epoxy, and a good installer will even shot blast it if necessary, after repairing cracks, and any other defect. 

It is wrong to believe that epoxy coating is just another form of paint. Epoxy contains hardeners that give a greater degree of protection then ordinary paints will do. These coatings can take the impact of any heavy objects dropped on it, and this protects the concrete to a great extent. Garage floors on which a lot of people apply epoxy coatings do see the dripping on them of corrosive substances, brake fluid, oils and other substances. Any paint will then chip or peel. But not epoxy coatings. Do take the trouble, however, to clean up these spilled liquids in the best way you can, and your epoxy coating will look just as new and fresh as ever.  

Most people are used to doing repainting work in homes and fancy themselves in overalls, with brushes, paint, paint trays, ladders, and  protective covers. Epoxy coatings do need more than just this enthusiasm and effort. Proper preparation of the floor is more than just important and must be given the sort of attention that an impatient weekend painter will be loath  to do. In fact, call in the professional, and you will see that a great amount of time is spent on proper preparation of the floor, a chore that takes much more time than the application itself. You may even get impatient when you find them doing this. But be patient, as this preparation is not only necessary but is the basis for quality work of applying epoxy coatings. This minute attention to the detail of cleaning and preparation ensures that the epoxy bonds completely with the floor.

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Never be under the impression that just painting a floor will give you the same protection as epoxy. Paint peels off under traffic , something that epoxy will never do. Paint just makes for a thin layer, while epoxies get chemically bonded to the floor. They will always retain a polished look, and the color that you have opted for will never fade. While you may not have as many options for particular color shades, as in paint, epoxy coatings have a fair range of colors that can suit the aesthetic sense of most people.

Epoxy coatings  make for impenetrable coatings that are highly durable, and are well worth the extra money that you will spend on them.

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