If you think there is only one official Fantasy Football League, you should know about Telegraph fantasy football. It is a very popular game among fans. It is dissimilar to FPL because it has cash prizes handed to best managers. To make you know everything about this football fantasy, I have come up with the most relevant information presented about this football game. By reading this article throughout till the end, you will know about this football league, how to create a team, its rules, and pro tips about it. I will also cover cash prizes handed to managers. Let us understand the telegraph football league in detail. 

What Is Telegraph Fantasy Football?

It is a seasonal fantasy game. It is similar to the official Football Fantasy Premier League, where you can manage a Squad Of Players. You can do it from the first week of the game to the last. You can follow those rules and tips as a beginner to beat your competitors and win cash prizes. The UK-based newspaper telegraph hosts this game. You can create your account for The Telegraph to play this game. Only native United Kingdom residents, channel Islands, and the Isle of Man can enter. 

Easy Playing:

Most players say it’s too easy to play if someone had played other popular fantasy games like this before. You have to create your team having eleven players within the allotted budget. Then try to maximize the scoring potential. Before you start to use this game, you have to know some rules. These rules are different from the basic concepts of this game. Of course, we will guide you through those Tips and Rules to play it in the upcoming sections.

Know-How To Create Teams In The Telegraph Fantasy Football:

It is the easiest way to know more about telegraph fantasy football. In this game, each manager can use a budget of 50Million Pounds to pick up the team of XI players. There are six traditional formations available to you for your team. These are 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-4, 4-5-1, and 5-3-2. It means that no substitute player is selected. The prizes you get are quite similar to FPL if you can double the price of your players in your mind, and in this game, there is the biggest difference between the defenders that are twice as expensive in this game. It’s easy to understand. The goalkeeper Ederson is 4.5M that translates to the higher FPL price and Dijk and costs 5.5M, and you have a 50% lesser budget. Here, you need eleven players, but it does not offset the price differences. You can go with the team of Ederson with 11*4.5 = 49.5M. But if you go with FPL, 14 Edersons cost just 80% or your total budget like 14*6.0M = 84M. 

You can find players the same way you do in other fantasy games. There is a player list, and you can filter and sort to see different values. You can say that Pk% in the Telegraph Fantasy Football is the same as the TSB$ in FPL. It means the number of managers that have chosen this player from the list.

What Are TTFT Transfers?

Have you heard of the transfers in the telegraph fantasy football? I would suggest you read the whole list of rules of TTFT before you play this game. There are FAQs and guides that you can use to understand this game like a pro. The first thing you will consider is the missing wildcards from this game. It makes this game a bit simpler, and players loved it. 

There is a second main difference in the transfers. You might have seen one free transfer per game week and -4 points penalty from anything in FPL, but you can see a seasonal budget of 40 transfers in TTFT. It shows you have one transfer per week on am average, and you will see no wildcards. It means while playing this game. You have to be too careful. It allows you to use five transfers per game a week. And it also allows you to make transfers in the middle of game week. (If there is a time of two hours in between the kickoff shows)

If there is a 12:45 kickoff and 15:00 kickoff, it allows you to make a transfer between these kickoffs. It has set the transfer deadline to two hours before starting of matches. It means one can not use the latest starting XI information. But you can still know about the fresh injuries information to the late Saturday matches and Sunday matches over the weekend. 

Here Are The TTFT Rules:

The telegraph fantasy football rules are a must to remember, especially for beginners and inexperienced people. Therefore, you can see the rules and scores as follows. It is a fact that FA Cup matches are not included in other premier league fantasy. It means that you can cash in some good points when your team has a weak opponent in the home.

Scoring Rules Of TTFT:

It gives one pt substitute appearance, two pts starting XI appearance, five pts goal scored, -2 pts missed penalty, -1 pt yellow card, and -3 pts Own Goal to all players and 5 pts penalty save to goalkeeper only. 

It gives five pts to the Full Clean Sheet – player plays 60 minutes or more, 2 pts for a part clean sheet – player playing fewer than 60 minutes, 0 pts for the first goal, Conceded, and -1 pt for each additional goal Conceded. 

Have You Noticed?

These rules are similar to FPL but have some differences. Here, goals are very special to all players favoring a strong attacking player. But there are missing Defenders One Extra Point for the clean sheet and Bonus Points. In FPL, the top scorers get bonus points. It adds value to the strikers. If you see the Top Points on each position, this system of the score is perfectly balanced

You can not see other specific rules, but there is one transfer system.  It also allows you to create your private leagues and join leagues created by others in TTFT.

Know About Prizes In TTFT:

TTFT gave out €15,000 in prizes this year. It motivates players to join this league for the entire season.

Here Is The Main Prize Pool:

The champion gets €10,000, the runner up gets €250, 3rd rank gets €100, 4th rank gets €50, and Wooden Spoon gets €50. It means there is €4,550 remaining for other prizes. It also provides four different specific leagues having prizes of €200 to €1,000. It also gives a small cash prize to the best manager of each month and each game week. It means if you lose all your chances to win early, it’s best to compete for small prizes. 

Here Are Telegraph Fantasy Football Pro Tips:

You can use your knowledge about fantasy football to win prizes in TTFT. It allows you to scout, and you can choose your players. You can apply basic strategies in this game. You can use some strategy tools 100% free of cost. You can see scores and clean sheet potential of each team for many game weeks ahead. 

You have to learn using FPL Fixture Tracker. You can also see about teams having good (= better than average) schedules ahead. If you make five transfers per round in the telegraph fantasy football, you only have one per game week on average. You have to be rigid in choosing players, not to choose a better fixture. It is to run Fixtures. There is a specific recommendation for you to save your transfers as much as possible. It helps in injury situations when you have to alter your team. It is also good to gamble with top players like Aguero and Salah when they’ve potential Sunday fixtures, but you don’t know about it on Saturday whether they would play or not on Sunday. The transfer rules of this game will allow you to make a move on Sunday too. You can not forget about the FA Cup. You can not waste your transfers to FA Cup squads. Remember in the early rounds of this game. You have to wait for the Squads and Stronger 5th and 6th rounds. After that, you can spend your transfers wisely to get your hands on some potential players

While turning your fantasy football knowledge into a cash return, you can keep all these tips in mind. Most players get thousands of euros in daily fantasy prize pools each week. You can start with reviewing the most European daily fantasy providers. It is best to start turning your knowledge into cash.

Wrapping Up:

Did you find this article informative to know more about the telegraph fantasy football league and game? We have tried our best to cover almost everything you needed to know about this football game. If you have started as a beginner, you can use this article to create your team. And learn to convert your knowledge of this game to some cash return.