There’s nothing more precious than memories made with the closest people we know since birth. They are the only people we find warmth and home with wherever we go. Family. A time well spent with laughter and joy can become an everlasting memory we’d cherish forever.South Carolina is a thrills hub for fun seekers who look forward to amazing beaches, amusements, etc. It is perfect for trips, days out with friends and family, days on the beach, fun rides, good food, attractive outfits and exciting thrills that crank up the whole vibe of your vacation getaway, whichever it might be. But it can be possible if you consider the below mentioned things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers and other family members.

The Myrtle Beach City Of SC:

One such thrill spot is Myrtle Beach City in South Carolina. Although there are many things for adults to enjoy, like beautiful sandy beaches, tanning, swimming, surfing in the day, and extravagant and vibrant nights brimming with delights of all kinds, there are plentiful things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers, too!

Myrtle Beach City in South Carolina

There are more things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers than one might think, from mini-golf games and amusement parks to annual events like holiday parades and the KidZ Time Festival which is family-friendly in its entirety. I bet the little fellows will love what’s in store for them and the whole family.


The foremost priority in any vacation is safety. But fret not, mummies and daddies, Myrtle Beach is a completely safe and secure vacation spot for the whole family. There’s the usual “don’t misplace your belongings” rule, as it should be everywhere else. Besides that, Myrtle Beach is an entirely safe vacation destination for everybody.

Onto The Listing!

Below are some of the intriguing places in Myrtle Beach where one can find really exciting things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers

Look at the top 7 places the whole family and the tiny tots will enjoy!

  • Pelican’s Baseball Game
  • Mini-golf
  • Broadway Grand Prix
  • Barefoot Landing
  •  Family Kingdom
  • Alligator adventure
  • Skywall Myrtle Beach 

1. Pelican’s Baseball Game: 

It is a great place for younger and older kids to have fun and watch an exciting baseball game.

things to do in myrtle beach with toddlers

The field offers a playground, a kids’ zone, and a fireworks show, and kids of any age can run bases after a big game on the field. 

How cool is that?!

Spending time here will provide some fun and bonding moments for older kids with their parents. 

2. Mini-Golf: 

Mini-golf is a fun little game perfectly ideal for toddlers to enjoy scoring or just playing for the fun of it. Parents, too, will have their kids in a parents vs. kids, girls vs. boys if it’s a bigger family, or even a seniors vs. juniors mini-golf match for larger family groups. To build positive competition, teach the little ones what fun can be like when you compete. 

mini golf

Kids should learn to develop good sportsmanship that can take them far in the future and their lives in many aspects. So a mini-golf is like a mini step to unlocking some extremely important traits in children.

3. Broadway Grand Prix: 

A one-stop spot for all things you would like for your toddlers and the whole family. Offering safe go-kart race tracks for toddlers and older kids, an arcade, and delicious Nik naks, kids of all ages and parents will love this place!

things to do in myrtle beach with toddlers

Parents must give them a heads-up before the little fellas go wild.

4. Barefoot Landing:

Think about a place that is known for concerts and shopping. And that is a reality. You heard that right. Staying a while in Barefoot Landing assures you it will be worthwhile. Let the little boys and girls enjoy some time on their playground, let the ladies partake in shopping sprees, or you could all have a blast at a concert together, singing along and dancing with each other. Does that sound like a good place to do whatever your heart pleases?

5. Family Kingdom: 

Okay, maybe you don’t want to go for activities or want something after partaking in them. Let’s say the kids would love to go somewhere they can enjoy fun rides without all the running.

Myrtle Beach has an amusement park with over 38 rides that the whole family will find quite stimulating. 

6. Alligator Adventure: 

Suppose anything else amazes toddlers and kids of all ages, seeing wildlife in action. Alligator Adventure had an interesting selection of animals like Kookaburras, mountain lions, tortoises, and alligators. 

Alligator Adventure

Besides that, they even have a series of scheduled live shows for families that will leave them all in awe. Families with kids aged three and under have the added advantage of free access. 

Now, that’s something for a lucky family that will amp up the vacation.

7. Skywall Myrtle Beach:

Let’s say it’s been a long day of fun activities and other amusement festivities; one good way to finish off a day of endless fun can be found with Myrtle Beach’s brightest landmark as it’s claimed to be, Skywall Myrtle Beach.

An attraction/ride to get on and reach a height from where the whole family can appreciate the beautiful views around them. Skywall also offers families VIP access, where they can enjoy extraordinary views with a few more luxuries that benefit from being VIP.


There lies great importance in spending time with the family. But there also comes great joy while unleashing your inner with toddlers when they run wild in arcades, playgrounds, kid zones, or mini-golf courts. 

We all might’ve forgotten what it’s like to have fun, but thanks to toddlers, we can unlock those memories again while instilling some of their childhood memories.

With all the thrilling things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers, we are contributing to their development while allowing them to make memories to cherish their whole lives while also developing necessary traits that can come in handy in the future.

So, what’s stopping you from vacationing at Myrtle Beach?