Tips for Escape from Tarkov That Could Save Your Game

Tips for Escape from Tarkov That Could Save Your Game

It is very annoying to die without knowing your killer. Unfortunately, many people face such situations in Escape from Tarkov. Bullets can fly from any corner, and you stand a chance of dying every second. So, it is possible to die many times in Tarkov if you don’t know the tricks and EFT cheats to save your game. Also, you can lose your gears and weapons to the enemies, especially if you die as a PMC.

There are many challenges for players to overcome in the first-person shooter game. That’s why you need some tricks to help you throughout the journey away from Tarkov. So, check some of the tricks from pro players below.

Escape from Tarkov Tricks

1.    Learn to blind fire from cover

One of the tips you must hold dear is the act of protecting your cover while shooting. The simplest method to do it is to blind fire at the enemies while still maintaining your cover. Blind firing protects your whole character even though your shot is never accurate since it’s not in your clear line of sight. The act works best to scare the enemies away with a grenade or even your gun. Then, at least when you throw, your arm will be the only part of your body an enemy might see.

2.    Manage your inventory

Every player must learn how to manage their inventory in Escape from Tarkov. If you don’t know what you have or the things you lack at every point in time, you may spend more time than necessary looting. But if you can identify everything you have and need, you’ll ignore some useless stuff and concentrate on important ones. The most important thing is that looting exposes you to enemies. Even an amateur can sneak up behind you and kill you for your items. So save your game by knowing what you have.

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3.    Don’t be caught off-guard when reloading.

No matter what, you must reload your ammo in the game. But it is important to understand how the process works, so you’re not caught off-guard. There are two ways to reload your ammo. The first method is the standard one, where you remove the magazine and store it before replacing it with a new one. The second one is much quicker because you’ll simply drop the mag and get another one. But you see, the first one takes time, but it might be safer. The second one is fast, but you might have to bend down to pick the old magazine if you still need it. In such a short time, an enemy might shoot off your head.

4.    Use active headsets

The importance of sounds in video games cannot be overemphasized. It helps you even to locate your enemies when they’re not aware of your presence. However, sounds can work against you if you’re the one being noisy. Anyways, if you want to leverage clear sounds in Escape from Tarkov, use a headset with active noise cancellation. This device will amplify every little sound that your enemies make in the game. With that, you can easily locate them and take them out for items. Also, the headset will help you to play without hearing sounds from your surroundings.

5.    Choose your fights

Don’t jump into every fight if you want to successfully Escape from Tarkov. Choose the ones worth fighting and avoid the ones you can. Don’t be greedy for items, especially when your load is already weighing you down. Go your way and leave a player who’s minding his business looting or searching for things to pick. Many players often forget that they may kill an enemy only to discover that there are no valuables on him. Stopping to kill and loot him will also expose you to sneaky players. So, be wise and choose the confrontations you face.

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6.    Guns vs Ammo

Guns are the main weapons in video games. They are good to use and very necessary. But the quality of your ammo will determine the extent of the damage you deliver on the enemy. So, while building your weapons, make sure you get quality ammo, such as gathering penetration bullets that can deal deadly chest damage. Also, such a bullet is great when you’re using a shotgun or SMGs.

7.    Always ensure your items.

With the insurance feature in Escape from Tarkov, players can protect their gears for different rounds. If you have been ignoring it, start taking it seriously. At least, even if you die or mistakenly drop your backpack, you can get it back unless another player takes it. So, save your gear for more rounds through insurance.


Escape from Tarkov is exciting and challenging at the same time. But you can make it to the extraction point if you hold your game very well. Remember, don’t engage in every fight and try shooting without exposing yourself.



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