Tips on How to Hire the Right Help for Remote Work

Hire the Right Help for Remote Work

There is no doubt that one of the biggest things to hit global business in the last few years is remote working. And as such, companies have had to adjust their operations to be able to accommodate this new paradigm in the business environment. One thing is certain, and that is that there will be more need for people to work from home, and many companies will be looking to hire help that can work remotely and also ensure that they don’t compromise their existing business operations. 

Need tips on how to hire the right help for remote work? You surely will find the next sections to be filled with juicy intel to help you navigate the challenges that are common in the hiring process. 

Know Where to Look 

There is no doubt that you will be only able to find what you are looking for when you know the right place to search. While Google can be the first place many people go to when searching for information, it doesn’t do much when it comes to looking for the right help to hire. But in truth, you can begin your search from a popular search engine. 

Or rather, if you want to simplify the process and save time in your search for the right individual or team to assist with your needs, you can look to freelance sites that are filled with experienced individuals with talents that cut across different industries. 

One of such popular marketplaces for industry talents is Upwork which has proven to help businesses with getting either temporary help or assisted them in making the right fit for an open position in their firm. You can also find a list of Upwork competitors if you search online and can look through reviews to learn more about the consensus on the right place to find help for remote work. 

Find the Right Fit 

Hire the Right Help for Remote Work

There is no doubt that you want someone with the right skills and qualifications to fit into an open position at your establishment. And unless you leave this task to a hiring agency, you will have to leave no stone unturned in your quest to find the right person that fits the role. If you do go through freelance platforms like Upwork, you will surely find that there are many skilled individuals to choose from. 

But there are ways to ensure that you do find the right individual to partner with. You can start by looking at their past jobs to see if it’s in line with what you want. You can also check through the reviews from past employers to gauge the satisfaction rate and determine if they can meet your requirements. 

Don’t Be in a Hurry 

The problem with hurrying to fill an open position in a company is that you stand the risk of making the wrong decision. It is like when you go shopping and rather than taking the time to look at what is available on offer, you jump quickly at the first product that comes your way. You could find out that it doesn’t meet the quality required when it comes to a long-lasting solution. And except you want to go looking to hire another help in a few months, you want to be patient in your search. This page:  has more on picking the right candidate for a job position. 

It is possible you only ant to hire one person for the role, but you could consider a few individuals and set them up for a trial task. This is common if you look to freelance sites for the position. You can come up with several gigs that will be given to many freelancers and at the end of the day settle for the one with the best service delivery. This will surely save you the task of looking to hire someone again for the position in the future. 

Gauge their Expertise with Industry Tools 

You will surely need people who are experienced with using the tools you utilize in your business operations. While you have the option of providing training to employees to be better at working with your business systems, you can save more if you go for individuals who are already experienced with working with the tools you use daily. You will need to make it clear the tools you work with on the job description so you can easily find those who are knowledgeable on the utilization. This will surely save you time during the hiring process. 

Set the Working Hours 

Hire the Right Help for Remote Work

Even though they will be working from home and will likely enjoy the privilege of working whenever they want, you want to set the number of hours needed to work weekly. There is the option of integrating time tracking systems such as Clockify or Toggl Track to keep track of when they get on task and how long they spend working on tasks daily. This is more preferred if you are opting to pay by the hour. 

If you will be paying based on a set figure from tasks completed such as per article basis in the case of freelance writers, you will also need to set the terms for the number of articles that need to be completed at the end of each workweek. You can check this link for tips on setting remote working hours for your team. 

Set the Pay Rates 

You also will need to make it clear how much you are willing to pay. This could either be an hourly rate or a monthly fee depending on what you are comfortable with. When working with hourly rates, you will need to come up with measures that make it easy for you to ensure that employees make the best use of the working time. This you can enforce by setting targets that need to be met within the time frame. 

This can be in the form of several words that need to be written within an hour. Still, you may be better off setting the fee on a per article basis so you can avoid instances of employees who don’t perform much but demand payment at the end of the day. You could also consider bonuses for remote workers to help cover some of the cost of working from home. 

Final Note 

When it comes to hiring the right help for remote working positions, you want to make sure that the position will be able to merge with the needs of working remotely. You will also need to provide the tools and resources needed for the individual to be able to interact with your company interface from whatever location they are operating from. The tips above should assist you when looking to hire the right help to work for your business from the comfort of their home. 


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