Here Is Your Tutuapp iOS Guide About Features and How To Use And Troubleshoot

Do you need a Store for iOS that fulfills all your needs regarding downloading various apps, playing games, and buying premium apps? Of course, yes. Some of the smartphone users, like iOS users, want to download and use hacked and modified versions of apps and games. And for sure, they are not available from any official stores like Play Store and App Store. In general, iOS App Store limits these apps, and you can not download them from them. That’s Tutuapp iOS came to help you. You can use this alternative app store to download new premium apps and games. But this guide tutorial is all about things you should know about Tutuapp. It will answer your queries regarding whether you should trust and use Tutuapp or not, its features, and how to troubleshoot the issues. 

What Is Tutuapp?

If you desire to download new premium apps, games, and their cracked versions, you will find Tutuapp helpful in doing that. Tutuapp iOS version will help you do all illegal tasks like downloading and using cracked versions of games and apps.

You can consider Tutuapp as an unofficial App Store that offers third-party games and apps on iOS and Android. Most users found it best to use apps and games. For Tutuapp iOS, you can install it on both iPhone and iPad. It allows users to download and install unofficial apps on their smartphones without needing to jailbreak their phones or reboot their phones.

Why Is Tutuapp So Famous?

Tutuapp is exciting to use and provides you access to the newest apps and Games without having issues related to apps. Tutuapp iOS works perfectly on iOS version 7 and above. By using this app, you don’t have to reboot or jailbreak your iOS devices. The following bullet points explain about features of Tutuapp.

  • It allows you to put your hands on exclusive apps and jailbreak apps. Additionally, you can use various facilities like screen recorder, gaming emulators, and many other things unavailable on the official app store.
  • You can download and install popular games and apps and load them unofficially on iPhones and Android devices.
  • It allows you to add extra functionality to iOS and Android with favorite tweaks. 

Can You Trust Tutuapp?

Before downloading and installing Tutuapp on your iOS devices, it is always advisable to know whether it is right for your smartphone or not. To understand if you can trust Tutuapp or not, you have to know that reports say that Tutuapp was tested thoroughly on Android and iOS smartphones to confirm it works fine. It also maintains its frequency of testing the app on the latest smartphones with popular operating systems like Android and iOS. The app has been under continuous development and updates by the development team. The development team assures to address any errors that users report within 24-48 hours.

After sharing this information, if you would like to download and install the Tutuapp iOS version, go through the upcoming section.

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Download & Install Tutuapp iOS Version:

There are a few steps to download and install Tutuapp on your iOS devices. Here, I have listed those steps to guide you through the installation process. Go step-by-step and install Tutuapp as guided-below.

  1. You require to launch a Safari browser from your iOS device to land on Tutuapp’s official website. You can also click on this download link to directly download Tutuapp on your smartphone. Download Tutuapp for iOS.
  2. Sometimes, it may show you a pop-up window of warning (when you go to its website) about some SETTINGS. Click on allow, and proceed.
  3. When you have downloaded Tutuapp on your iOS devices, your immediate step is to install the app. For that, you have to follow the downloaded path to see an app on your device.
  4. When the installation process finishes, it will show you an icon of Tutuapp iOS on your device screen. For that, you may go to your device menu and see Tutuapp’s icon. 
  5. After that, get back to the home screen and try using Tutuapp. There might be no issues with it. However, due to some reasons, you may find it hard to use and enjoy with Tutuapp. All you have to do is to launch Tutuapp and start using unauthorized apps to enjoy your time.

Your Tutuapp iOS User Guide:

  • Touch the icon of Tutuapp and launch it from your iOS device as soon as it finishes the downloading process.
  • Now, you have to navigate to the search bar and use it to download a specific app. You can also navigate to categories of apps and games to make any apps or games available for you.
  • It is similar to any official app store, and you can tap on any app’s icon to download it to your home screen.
  • As soon as it is readily available on your phone, you are ready to enjoy your app or game.

Error (Untrusted Enterprise Developer):

If you see this error on your smartphone, you have to trust your installed Tutuapp. You can do it by following these few steps.

  • Go to SETTINGS on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Touch on GENERAL and then PROFILES.
  • Touch on Tutuapp from the in-app profile.
  • There, TRUST Tutuapp, and close SETTINGS. 
  • It will remove your error, and you can use Tutuapp without any issues.

How To Troubleshoot With Tutuapp?

If you think you have been facing some errors since you have downloaded and installed Tutuapp iOS on your smartphone, I have some tips on troubleshooting those errors. I have listed the mostly seen errors that some users have faced. I have discussed how to perform troubleshooting of those errors.

Error 1:- Profile Installation Failed
  • If you notice this error, you require to put your smart device on airplane mode. And navigate to SETTINGS.
  • Go to Safari and touch on CLEAR HISTORY & WEBSITE DATA.
  • Get back to your home screen and take out your device from airplane mode.
  • Wait some time and reinstall with all the above-discussed installation steps. It will work this time.
Error 2:- Tutuapp WHITE – BLACK Screen:
  • If you face this error, then go to SETTINGS on your iOS device.
  • Go to Safari and try clearing data by tapping on CLEAR WEBSITE Data, and the error will go!
Error 3:- Tutuapp Unable To Verify App:
  • If you notice this error on your screen, you must delete your Tutuapp.
  • Reinstall Tutuapp.
  • Touch on TRUST or VERIFY and then close SETTINGS.
  • It will make Tutuapp iOS work on your iOS device.
Error 4:- Cannot Download Tutuapp/Grey Icon.
  • If you face this error, your first step is to delete Tutuapp. You also have to remove all traces of Tutuapp from your device.
  • Restart or reboot your device and download Tutuapp on it again. It will solve the error.
Do You Want To Delete Tutuapp?

If anything happens, and you wish to delete Tutuapp from your smart device, here are the steps to guide you.

  • Navigate to the iOS SETTINGS app, then look for PROFILES and DEVICE MANAGEMENT in the GENERAL section.
  • Find out Tutuapp from the app profiles and touch on it.
  • Get back to the home screen and see Tutuapp has been gone from your device.

Tutuapp FAQs:

Will Tutuapp Jailbreak My Phone?

No, Tutuapp is Jailbreak Alternative. It uses Apple’s Enterprise User Privilege to allow you to install third-party apps.

Is It Safe To Use Tutuapp On iOS?

Yes! It is safe to use Tutuapp on your iOS device like iPad and iPhone. It does not jailbreak iOS devices and becomes safer to install use. There is no longer process to uninstall if you don’t need to use Tutuapp.

Can I Use Tutuapp VIP Free?

No, not. It is for the premium version of the app. Tutuapp has a LITE version to use for free. But it has frequent revokes from by Apple.

Can I Say Tutuapp VIP Worth It?

There are many choices offered by Tutuapp when you download and install it on your Apple smart devices. It makes it ideal for all types of users. You can use Tutuapp for absolutely free and pay to use the VIP version if you wish to get additional premium features and supports. It all depends on you that whichever you use. It will not disappoint you. 

Tutuapp Is A Spyware! Right?

No. It is not spyware but is reliable and safe to use for your iOS and Android devices. But use it with a VPN for security concerns.

Final Thoughts

Are you one of the iPad or iPhone users? If yes, you may be trying to use Tutuapp iOS on your iOS device. By considering your search, I have wrapped up this article with each required detail that you should know about Tutuapp. You may have understood deeply about Tutuapp, its features, how to download and install, how to troubleshoot errors, and how to delete Tutuapp from your iOS device. 

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