Want To Get Better At Killing Players Or Bots?

There are two types of players that play Desitny 2. One type prefers player vs. player game modes such as Crucible, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris, while the other type prefers slaying bosses in raids, nightfalls, strikes, etc. What’s interesting about this is that both types of players claim that the game has been created with their preferred game mode in mind, and that the other one is just a “silly addition”. Either way, both game modes are as enjoyable and engaging as their counterparts. Of course, you can be one of those gamers who enjoys both, in which case you could use a few tips on how to be successful at PvE and PvP- Killing Players .

In a game as complex as Destiny 2 Killing Players , PvE and PvP require completely different approaches. There are almost no weapons that are equally effective in both game modes. The same goes for armor and other equipment such as mods, legendary items, etc. This means that you must have completely different loadouts. That’s not to say that both game modes have completely different rulesets. If you want to get good at both, you’re going to need to spend time learning tactics and strategies. That’s why you absolutely must check out the article that will give you field-proven tips on how to get better at PvE and PvP. You don’t want to miss this.

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