What are the 10 best photo printers? Comparison, review and buying guide

The photo printers have never been more popular, both for convenience and for prices falling in recent years, with the advent of smartphones and especially the improvement of their photosensors. Best Photo Printer. It is all the easier to print your best shots directly at home. Indeed, the prices of printers specializing in photo printing have come down well since the first models appeared on the market more than ten years ago.

However, many brands have positioned themselves in the niche, and new technologies have emerged with their share of complicated terms for a neophyte. What is the best photo printer? What type of device should you invest in your personal situation? This page aims to answer your questions and especially guide you in your research via comparing photo printers.

Comparison of the best photo printers: our Top 10

Here is our selection of the ten best models of printer dedicated to the photo. Each printer here presents the crucial criteria to be taken into account. These criteria are explained below in our buying guide.

1. Canon PIXMA TS5050: Versatility at a low price

Feature and opinion

Equipped with a WiFi connection, the Canon Pixma TS5050 will satisfy photography enthusiasts wishing to combine photo printing and printing (or photocopying) of various documents. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this product is easy to use: its large touch screen on the front has a lot to do with it.

This model is compatible with Canon XL print cartridges which save about 30% ink on a page, compared to another model without this technology.

The speed of printing a photo on the correct size 10 x 15cm paper will only take 39 seconds.

To facilitate the versatile use of the Pixma TS5050, the paper tray’s capacity is 100 sheets.

Double-sided printing function

Most                                                                                                               The lessers

Possibility to use Canon XL economy cartridges                                       Weight (5.5kg)

Fast, quality photo printing

WiFi connection and support for multiple transfer modes such as AirPrint

Affordable price

2.HP Officejet Pro 7720: for those who think big

Feature and opinion

This printer is built to see life in a big way. Indeed, it allows printing in A3 format, which is not typical for a consumer printer.

Its 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution allows it to position itself as a printer of choice in print quality. How to split screen on mac. No more detail of your photos will be forgotten because of a machine that tends to pixelate the prints.

Versatile, it is made with technology that is very useful for everyday life: HP had a good idea to offer double-sided printing without human intervention. Everything is automatic and well established!

Most                                                              The lessers  

   A3 print size                                              A little slow to turn on and react between two tasks

High print resolution

Double-sided printing function

3. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3: the nomadic and designer printer

Feature and opinion

The first nomadic printer of our selection. It must be said that portable photo printers are all the rage.

Compact in size, this Fujifilm has the particularity of having a design that seems to come straight from another universe. Few of the products of this type have so many angles per square centimeter. What about performance?

Thirteen seconds: This is the speed at which this device prints a photo.

The concept proposes to transfer your most beautiful photographs captured from a smartphone to the device via WiFi to start printing.

This photo printer is ideal for aperitifs with friends: you can imagine making a series of funny photos and printing them quickly since the printing speed is quite impressive on this FujiFilm printer.

Most                                                                       The lessers

The original design                                                        No SD card port

Printing speed

4. Epson XP 15000

The professional quality for the price of a semi-professional printer, Epson’s the bet launched, is already a few years with this XP 15000. Over time this model has established itself, especially with XL capacity, print up to 33x111cm, and its super compact size.

No less than 6 cartridges are needed, gray for perfect blacks and whites and red. The quality is indeed professional, and the price per page… He too: very difficult to estimate but it is between 1 and 3 euros per page. The printer has ethernet, USB, and wifi connectivity. It is silent and offers superb quality, tonal separation, and color depth. Be sure to use it regularly to avoid ink-intensive head alignments and nozzle cleaning.

Perfect for professional and amateur photographers with little space. Rest assured by Epson’s expertise. This model is easy to set up and use.

Most                                                                        The lessers

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Professional quality                                                    Price per page

Very compact


5. Canon Selphy CP1300: nomadic and versatile

Feature and opinion

Designed to replace your stationery printer on the go, this portable printer has many advantages, starting with its weight: 800 grams.

Battery operated, it has a 3.2-inch LCD screen that allows you to view and select photos from an SD card. We can already see the digital camera + Canon Selphy combo taking shape.

Thanks to its portability, it is quite possible to transfer photos to print directly from a smartphone (iOS or Android). We can print pictures retrieved from a mobile device’s web browser in the same vein, always on battery.

Finally, note that with the Canon Selphy, you can print photos in approved format for an official document.

Most                                                                           The lessers

 Compact dimensions                                                    A little noisy

Compatibility with Canon PRINT app                                   

Nice print quality

6. Polaroid ZIP: excellent value for money

Feature and opinion

It is the logical continuation of the historic Polaroid and its instant cameras, which appeared in the photographic era’s beginnings.

This photo printer is fully dedicated to mobility. This can be seen when we approach connectivity: Bluetooth on the menu for the ZIP printer.

The printer works with a smartphone, Android, or iOS. According to the specs, it can work with any phone, as long as it can install the Polaroid app. The latter, in addition to responding to its primary function – to transfer the photos for printing – allows you to edit/retouch the images. Several filters and emojis are available to satisfy young and old alike.

Most                                                                      The lessers

The simple design of the device                                 No    

The application and its editing filters

The price

7. Canon Zoemini: the fun and girly printer

Feature and opinion

With Gemini, Canon has positioned itself in the teenage market.

Sporting a pretty pink or solid black color, the printer comes in the form of a small box devoid of connectors (apart from the micro USB socket for recharging the battery, which happens to be discreet).

Prints are made in a resolution of 314 x 600 DPI. It may seem weak at first glance, but we find the rendering quite good. This is explained by the printing paper’s size, which is much smaller than a postcard size (which will be reserved for stationary printers).

The Zoe Mini prints on self-adhesive paper in size 5 x 7.6 cm. The mention “sticker” in the sentence means that it is possible to peel the form’s back to activate the sticky properties, but it is by no means mandatory.

Most                                                                             The lessers

We like this modern and straightforward case with A bit of light autonomy.

Dedicated application “Canon Zoemini.”

Simple connectivity (Bluetooth), plug-and-play product.

8. Epson XP-8600

Epson is doing very well with the XP-8600! It surpasses the already excellent XP-8500, the superb print quality with six cartridges, and multifunction. How to expand the ram. The XP-8600 photo multifunction printer has many advantages: PictBridge compatibility, SD card reader, the scanner’s resolution is respectable because it is not reserved for office automation, and its LCD screen of more than ten ′ is extra for previews.

It is ideal for photo enthusiasts or a family, but especially for regular use without being intensive. Indeed, the disadvantage of inkjet printers is the price peruse.

In conclusion, this is the mainstream price for a model capable of excellent print quality, with a qualitative scanner and everything you need for easy and productive use.

Most                                                                      The lessers

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Very cheap                                                                           Regular use only.

Photo quality



9. Canon TM-200: The ultimate large format printing

Feature and opinion

It is in a 2400 x 1200 DPI resolution that you can print your most beautiful photos and graphics. This printer specially designed for large formats will delight professionals and enthusiasts in becoming a professional.

Canon’s TM-200 offers printing from A1 size (just that) from a roll as print media. The registration must not exceed 18m, condition to be able to insert it in the printer.

Note that this is the only printer in our selection to work with thermal inkjet technology.

It can be used with glossy paper, matte paper, very thick paper, or even Satin paper …

Most                                                                      The lessers

Variety of compatible papers                                                 Weight (52 kg)

Support rolls up to 18 meters

Professional quality

10. Kodak PD-450WE: the Kodak photo printer

Feature and opinion

Original and innovative, this Kodak photo printer includes a “print dock.” Connect your Android or iPhone smartphone via the dedicated socket and print your photos directly with a single press of a button.

It offers borderless printing, with a size of 10 x 15cm.

We like the application features that allow you to use it: many filters and improvements are ready to use. It’s easy, fast, fun.

Note that it is possible to connect some digital cameras via a USB cable to the PD-450WE. The latter manages the “USB drive” mode. It would help if you turned on your digital camera and put it in this same model.

This nomadic printer will be perfect when traveling. It weighs only 760 grams!

Most                                                                The lessers

Compatible with digital camera                                      No

Light and compact

Borderless printing

Our photo printer buying guide, how to choose?

Following our top 10 above, our guide explains the different criteria for choosing a photo printer. This guide has been designed so that anyone visiting, no matter their knowledge of the subject can understand buying a photo printer’s critical points.

What type of photo printer to choose?

There are different types of photo printers currently on the market. Two categories stand out from the ranking: stationary printers and portable printers.

These two distinctions each have their own set of advantages, but also disadvantages.

Stationary photo printers

They have the advantage of having more printing ink but above all of being very versatile. The photo paper receiving tray can often accommodate a larger sheet than a portable printer would allow. However, they can only be used at home due to their weight and the need to plug them into the mains.

Portable printers: Best Photo Printer

Unlike a stationary printer, the battery will need to be recharged regularly. Although its ink tank is less than its big sister, the portable printer makes it easy to print photos wherever you are.

What are the criteria to be taken into account?

Various characteristics directly influence the purpose of a printer specially designed for photography. You must assess your needs to find the printer that will best meet them.

Print resolution: Best Photo Printer

Expressed in dots per inch, denoted PPP (or dpi in English, contraction of “dots per inch”), it corresponds to the number of dots that the printer can print on 1 inch (international notation). It can be remembered that the higher this value, the more the printing will be rich in detail and therefore of good quality.

Printing speed

As the name implies, this criterion corresponds to the speed of execution of a single-sheet print job.

The capacity of the paper tray: Best Photo Printer

This criterion is vital if you want to use your printer to print documents. In the event of exclusive use of the photo printing function, this criterion is only a matter of convenience. How to screenshot mac. It corresponds to the number of sheets that the paper tray can store (and therefore, the number of prints possible without reloading).

Dimensions and weight: Best Photo Printer

In the case of a stationary printer, this ensures that you have a piece of furniture solid and large enough to accommodate the printer. For a nomadic printer, dimensions and weight become a criterion of choice, especially for travel.

The price of ink cartridges: Best Photo Printer

A printer needs two consumables to function: paper and ink. While form remains inexpensive, it turns out that some photo printer models require costly ink cartridges to purchase. So think about estimating your printing ink expenses to guide your choice.

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