How to check Jazz number

If you are facing trouble in check your Jazz number, then you are in the right place. This article is all about checking our Jazz number and will provide you all the relevant and correct information regarding checking of Jazz number but before starting, let’s have a look a bit about Jazz.

A bit of Jazz:

Mobilink knew jazz in the past. In 2010, VEON Company became the owner of Mobilink in a deal of $6.5 billion. After that, it was renamed Jazz. It is the second network that launched the 5G network. Having more than 60 million subscribers, it became the most extensive network. Besides that, it has the best coverage of all other networks. Another reason for its fame is that it provides its customers high-speed internet packages at low rates. 

As mentioned above, this article is all about checking Jazz numbers. Jazz provides different methods of checking your Jazz number as others do. All these methods are discussed clearly in this article. Just be with us for another few moments.

Dialing method to check Jazz number:

This method will help you in checking your Jazz number by dialing a code. The procedure is as follows:

    • Available dialing pad in your smartphone.
  • Dial *99# from your smartphone dialer.
  • A message appears on your screen, and there you can see your Jazz number.

Both postpaid users and prepaid users can avail the facility of checking their Jazz number through this method. The best thing is that there are no charges on checking your Jazz number through this process.

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Checking of Jazz number*99#No charges


The method through sending a message to check Jazz number:

In this method, you have to send a message. The procedure is as under:

  • Open messaging area in your smartphone.
  • Type MNP and send to 667.
  • You will get your Jazz number.

This method is also for both postpaid users and prepaid users. The best thing is that you will get your number, the owner’s name, and the activation date. You have to pay charges on that method.

Call helpline:

You can also check your Jazz number by calling on the helpline number. It will provide you the information about your name, mobile number, registration date, and location. You have to provide some information, such as your CNIC number. You have to call on 111 to proceed with this method.

Checking through CNIC:

There’s another method of checking your Jazz number, which is simple and easy, through your CNIC number. You have to put your CNIC number, and all the information regarding your CNIC number will be on your screen. You can also that how many numbers are currently registered through your CNIC number and what they are. Follow the below procedure to check your Jazz number through this method:

  • Open Google on your smartphone.
  • Open the link 
  • Enter your CNIC number on the given space. Then verify that you are not a robot and enter it.
  • After that, you will get your required information on the next screen that will appear in front of you.
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This is all about checking your Jazz number through different methods. These all methods are updated methods of 2021. I hope you all will be clear after going through this article.

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