Resetting an Hp Laptop

                    Resetting a Hp Laptop

How to factory reset Hp Laptop

Information about Hp

Hp is one of the most popular computers, Laptops, hardware and accessories making Company. This brand is very famous because of its Laptops, NoteBook Laptops, and Hardware. The full form of Hp is Hewlett-Packard. Hp was on top from 2003 because of its Pc manufacturing. Hp hardware was used in all countries, and now it has a big name in the technology industry. Sometimes you might face some problems, and you might think that How to factory reset a Hp laptop. For that, we need to know some information about Hp.  

Hp Laptops How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop

In 1984 Hp made its first working laptop, also known as Hp-110. It wasn’t the world’s first laptop, but it was Hp’s first laptop. After that, many other companies came into this field and started making their products and laptops. Laptops are widely used because they are very convenient and easy to use. A computer can be carried anywhere.

 A laptop is small always to carry in a bag and enjoy it anywhere you want. Laptops have made their lives very fast and easy because of their so many advantages in ordinary life. Many people use laptops a lot because they are getting reliable with time. As technology is getting advanced, the laptops and their specifications are getting advanced too. Most of us have laptops in our house. Many companies are making many types of laptops.

Reasons for Resetting Hp laptop

Many people face virus and malicious software issues on their laptops. These viruses can make their laptop too much slower than their average speed. The malicious software can not damage your computer, but Hackers can also control it.  Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop Hacking is one of the world’s biggest problems, and hackers are trying to get information. Well, it can be any information, but yes hackers are everywhere. So if someone has noticed something like that in the laptop, then the best thing is to reset the Laptop. Like you may want to sell your computer or just reset it for better performance, many other situations may occur. The question arises of how to factory reset the Hp laptop.

Sometimes your laptops might start giving unusual errors. These errors are annoying and can damage your computer. Mistakes can be a virus or Hacker-built software. To permanently get rid of these problems, factory resetting your laptop can help. 

Methods To Factory reset Hp laptop.

Before resetting your Laptop, one thing should be exact: there are many ways to completely wipe the data. So many types of resetting can be done on Hp laptops.

You can factory reset your Hp Laptop from Windows and also from Hp Recovery Manager.

Method 1 Hp Recovery Manager

This first method works for all Hp laptops. This is an easy way to factory reset your Hp laptop. 

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To get access to a Hp recovery manager, you have to follow these steps. Once you are in Hp recovery manager, then the process will be much easier. First of all, turn off your Hp laptop and wait until it is completely shut down. After that, make sure that no USB or external device like a keyboard mouse is attached. Once your laptop is free of the external USBs, then put your Laptop on charging. Yes, you have to do it setting because it’s a lengthy procedure depending on your laptop speed. The time to factory reset a Hp laptop might take 30 minutes for speedy laptops. But this time can go up to 2 hours if your computer is slow.

Reset Only How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop

  1. Now you have to turn On your laptop. Make sure that you press the F11 key repeatedly. You have to keep pushing the F11 key again and again. You can stop pressing the F11 key once the popup appears, asking to select different options. Now there will be many options, but you have to choose the Troubleshoot option. Now you have two options. You can RESET YOUR PC, but this option is not recommended for some users. Resetting your Pc can factory reset your Hp laptop. You can try this option, but for some users, it will ask for a CD. It doesn’t mean that it needs a CD from everyone. This option will work for most of you. 
  2. Continuing on the same method, now select reset your Pc. Once you have selected the option, it will ask to remove everything or to keep files. If you want to keep your files, then select the KEEP MY FILES option. The Windows will be reinstalled, and you will not lose your data. If you want to remove everything, then choose the option to REMOVE EVERYTHING. Picking this option will completely reset your Laptop, and you will lose all the data, too. If you want to clean everything and don’t want to lose anything, you can backup your data. The process will take some time, and then after reboot, you can easily set up your windows.
  3. Both of the options might take some time, but the Hp laptop will be factory reset. This was the first method for those who don’t know that How to factory reset Hp laptops.

Resetting with Hp Recovery Manager     

  1. We will tell you how to factory reset the Hp laptop using Recovery ManagerResetting your Hp laptop with Hp Recovery Manager is easy. Repeat the same process that uses above. This time select RECOVERY MANAGER instead of selecting RESET YOUR PC. RECOVERY MANAGER is the easiest method to factory reset your Hp laptop. You will see many options after selecting Hp Recovery Manager. Now all the steps are easy. Select the option of System Recovery. This method doesn’t need any disk to factory reset your Hp Laptop. Don’t worry. This option is easy, and there is also an option to backup your files. So you will Factory Reset your Hp laptop without losing any data. After that, You will see2 Options. One to backup your files and Second to Recover without Backup. Select the method you like.
  2. To back up your files, you need an external USB or hard drive, depending on how much data you have. If you don’t want to keep any files, then select the second option. After selecting this option, you have to click next. There will be some information. Read that information and then click next again. This process will now take some time, depending on your laptop’s speed. Just wait with patience or do something else until the process is done. After that, subtle finish. Reboot your computer and then fill in the blanks. You can add a new username, password and set up your factory reset Hp laptop.
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There are some other methods to Factory reset your Hp laptop.

Installation of OS

Yes, you can install new windows. This can factory reset your Hp laptop. To use this method, you need a bootable Windows installer CD or USB. Just go to BIOS setup and reset your Setup to Defaults. After that reboot, your pc and put the Bootable CD or USB with windows installer will wait for the windows installer to start. Once you are in Windows installing setup, select the version of windows and choose custom installation. In the custom, installation deletes all the partitions and makes one new partition.

This will delete all the data on your drive. After that, select install and wait until windows are installed after the installation is finished. Methods listed. You can then put in a new username and password and set up your Hp Laptop. This method is not factory resetting, but it does the same thing. So if you feel that resetting is difficult, then you can install new windows. 

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, you can easily reset your Hp laptop. 

How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop using Windows   

  1. Factory resetting a Hp laptop using windows is easy and tricky too. So this method works for both Windows 10 and Windows 8. You have to restart your computer while pressing both the SHIFT keys on your laptop. You can directly press both Shift Keys, or you can use an on-screen keyboard. After that, some options will appear on the screen. You have to select the Troubleshoot Option. 

In this part, you will find three options. Refresh, Reset, and Advanced options. Refreshing your Hp laptop will restore the computer without losing any files. In resetting, you can backup or remove everything. Select the RESET option. Your system will automatically reboot after selecting that option. After reboot, there will be some information about the results of Resetting. After that, click next. You will find two options, one to remove all your files and the second to remove everything.

  1. To factory reset, select the second option to remove everything. After that, your Hp laptop will reset. It might take some time, depending on the speed of your computer. After that, you can set up the windows. You can add a new username and a new password. 

All the methods to “How to factory reset Hp laptop” are given above. All the above are easy but watching some tutorials can help a lot. You can also ask a professional to do that for you. But don’t worry, all the above methods work for all Hp users. It takes some time to factory reset your Hp laptop. It may take 30 minutes or maybe some hours, depending on the speed of the computer. Be patient when Factory resetting your Hp laptop. It recommended doing something else at that processing time.  

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