How to get clean skin

1: Massage your face

Did you wake up with puffy eyes again? No problem, How to get clear skin because you can get a grip on them quickly with a bit of tact.   How to get clear skin other words, press gently on the bones of the eye socket with your ring fingers and move them from the inner to the outer corners of the eye – repeat two to three times. This stimulates blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and helps minimize fine lines.

  1. Beauty tip: Wash with cold water

Now it’s getting a bit icy, but also practical! If you need some refreshment again, treat yourself to it by washing your face with cold water instead of lukewarm – for the natural tightening effect and against swelling.

  1. Beauty tip: change pillows

A clean pillow is an absolute beauty secret. This is where bacteria, dirt, and oil from your hair, skin, and the environment can quickly accumulate. Therefore, make sure to change the cover of your pillow once a week to prevent blemished skin.

  1. Beauty tip: sleep on your back

Who would have thought that our sleeping position would affect our skin? It pays off if you turn on your back more often at night. Otherwise, if you regularly press your face into the pillow while you sleep, it could cause more wrinkles.

  1. Beauty tip: omit make-up

The skin also has to breathe deeply, which is why we should give it a break from make-up from time to time – probably the most straightforward hack for healthy and pure skin. It is even best if you only keep powder, eye shadow, and lipstick for specific events and otherwise go through life topless.

  1. Beauty tip: wash your hands

By the time of Covid-19 at the latest, it should have become clear how important it is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. But not just for hygienic reasons, but also for the sake of our skin. Otherwise, bacteria from cell phones, doorknobs, and the like collect on our hands during the day – so you can imagine what happens when we touch our faces.

  1. Beauty tip: Care for damp skin

Here is a small but friendly hack for your everyday care routine: From now on, don’t’ apply your products to dry but to damp skin. A small change with a significant effect because the skin can better absorb the products after washing the face with warm water.

  1. Beauty tip: work with ice

Get rid of red, inflamed pimples just by squeezing them? We recommend applying an ice cube to the area instead to reduce inflammation. How to get clear skin With a bit of luck, the abscess will quickly become smaller and less noticeable.

  1. Beauty tip: Yoga for the face How to get clear skin

No, you don’t need to do any unusual facial exercises for this. Some classic yoga poses that let the blood flow towards the face are enough. How to get clear skin So for glowing skin, hold the dog looking down for a few minutes longer.

  1. Beauty tip: clean the brush. How to get clear skin

Make-up brushes are also an ideal contact point for dirt, bacteria, and oil and can thus promote inflammation and impurities. Therefore, you should clean them regularly.

  1. Beauty tip: dry with a paper towel. How to get clear skin

And that brings us to the towel, on which, like pillows and make-up brushes, everything can accumulate that is not good for the complexion. How to get clear skin  If you’re struggling with blemished skin, it’s a good idea to use a paper towel instead of a traditional towel to dry your face after cleansing.

  1. Beauty tip: wash your face after exercising. How to get clear skin

Sure, sport is a perfect all-rounder that is good for the mind, body, and skin. It only becomes complicated when sweat deposits build-up and thus possibly promote pimples. How to get clear skin If you go home to shower after the gym, you should still wash your face after your workout.

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