How to store onions

Buy onion: How to store onions

The onion is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. store onions. Its aroma and heat, versatility, and ease with which it can be cultivated and stored make it a valuable food.

The red onion is healthier than the white because it is rich in antioxidants, helps the body with cancer prevention, protects against diabetes, thins the blood, and reduces inflammation.

When buying onions, you should pay attention to regional and organic cultivation. You should also ensure that the goods do not show any storage damage, such as shoots or rotten spots.

Store the onion

The top priority when storing onions is to keep them cool, dark, and dry. In principle, onions should not hold in the refrigerator. They will last the longest if they are store in the basement, provided that it is cool, dry, and dark there. Onions can hold here for up to six months. In the apartment, they are the best to store in a pantry. After all, they will stay there for up to six weeks if it is reasonably relaxing and, above all, dark so that the onions are not exposed to direct sunlight.

It would help if you never put onions in plastic bags, as they sweat in them and rot as a result. It is better to store them in a net, basket, or loosely so that they can breathe. Sliced ​​onions are an exception. This is the best place with the cut surface facing down in a lockable plastic box, which should also seal airtight. You can also cover sliced ​​onions with salt or butter and store them in the refrigerator.

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If the onions store incorrectly, for example, too lightly, they will begin to sprout. If it hold too moist, it will rot from the inside, losing its aroma.

Preserve onions

If stored correctly, an onion will last up to six months, so it is usually unnecessary to boil it down.

Silver onions can keep longer by pickling them. To do this, peel 1 kilogram of silver onions, place in a bowl and pour a brine on top. You should mix around 60 grams of salt into one liter of water. Then cover with a plate and let it steep for a day. Then you should rinse them off and layer them in a hot-rinsed glass. Add four bay leaves and five teaspoons of mustard seeds. Then boil about 750 milliliters of white wine vinegar for three minutes and pour into the glass. It would help if you then closed the jar quickly. When the vinegar cools down, it creates a suction that seals the jar tightly.

But onions can also cut into rings or cubes and frozen.

Use leftover onion: How to store onions

You can incorporate the onion in almost every dish, whether in creamy vegetable soups, stir-fry vegetables, pasta sauces, salads, on sandwiches – onions give every word a specific flavor, whether raw or seared.

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