How To Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

how to unpair apple watch from iphone

Apple has spent years mastering itself and its products that are aimed to provide the most convenience to its users. For years, Apple has been a reliable brand and company for many users and has become a staple product for most high-end users. Not too long ago, Apple launched the most anticipated Apple Watch. After that, it has taken the market by storm with its features, seamless Bluetooth connection, accessorizing options, and a lot more.However, those who aren’t too tech savvy and just got an Apple watch may need to gain the right knowledge on how to unpair an Apple watch from an iPhone. In this blog, we shall take you through a detailed guide on how to unpair apple watch from iphone. Let’s get started.

Why to Unpair Apple Watch From An Iphone?

The Apple Watch is a prime example of today’s cutting-edge technology that has come to existance.Nevertheless, on occasion, even the greatest gadgets have to be cleaned and reset to factory settings from time to time to be rid of any potential issues. 

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Although new Apple Watches come unpaired, one may want to invest in a second-hand Apple watch that needs unpairing. If an Apple watch remains unpaired, the watch is rendered useless due to the activation lock kicking in. When buying a second-hand Apple watch, remember to check if the watch is unpaired. If not, it is crucial to know how to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone, back up the data, and disable the activation lock so it may be set once again.

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How to Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone?

There are essentially 2 ways how to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone;

The first and the easiest way is via your iPhone.

Follow the steps below to learn how to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone,

1: go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

2: Tap on “all watches” at the top of the “my watch” screen.

3: Tap the info button represented with an (i) on the right of your current watch.

how to unpair apple watch from iphone

4: Select the “unpair watch” option.

5: confirm the unpairing procedure by tapping “unpair (watch name)”.


6:  in case you have cell service you may either choose to keep or remove your plan.

7: Disable the Activation lock by putting your Apple password in.

8: Press “unpair”.

Post-Unpairing Procedure: Let Automation Take Over

Once you’ve followed all the steps mentioned earlier your phone will start receiving all the backup data from your Apple watch, delete all the Bluetooth accessory pairings, remove any Apple Pay cards from your Apple Watch, and wipe the password clean. Then it will automatically unpair itself and reset its factory settings.

According to popular advice from many sources, unpairing Apple Watch from an iPhone is the best and safest way to unpair while having all your data from your Apple Watch backed up on your iPhone.

An Alternative Way: In Case You Don’t Have A Phone

However, if you happen to have lost or broken your current iPhone, you may have to learn how to unpair Apple watch from Iphone in an alternative way. The only downside to this is that the data will not be backed up and one has to manually disable the activation lock. It is much better to have an iPhone to unpair the Apple watch from and finish the process on from your PC or laptop.

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So with that being settled, let’s get to know how to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone using just your Apple Watch.

Follow the given steps below to get started: 

1: Launch settings on your Apple Watch.

2: Scroll down and select “General Settings.”

3: Select Reset.

how to unpair apple watch from iphone

4: Select “Erase all content and Settings”

5: in case you’ve enabled a passcode, type it in.

6: Select either Erase or Erase all but keep Plan in case you have cell service on your Apple Watch.

Erase all content and Settings

7: Once the watch has restored itself, hop on to on your respective Apple PC or MacBook and proceed to manually disable the Activation lock.

8: Sign in as usual with your Apple ID and password

9: Select Settings

10: Select your Apple watch under “my devices.”

11: Click on the cross (X) to remove/confirm the removal of your Apple Watch.


According to sources, the best way how to unpair an Apple watch from iPhone is via an iPhone itself as it backs up your data from your watch to your phone and allows your watch to continue with all the disconnections automatically without any hassle.

In any case, if one finds themselves without their phone and winds up wondering how to unpair an Apple watch without the iPhone; they may proceed to do so using their Apple watch. The watch will be completely wiped clean of the data it once had, and the activation lock will have to be disabled manually by going to on their Apple PC or MacBook. 

And with that, we wrap up the matter of how to unpair an Apple watch from an iPhone.

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