If you are a Nintendo user, you may have faced issues while using it effortlessly, but it happens only sometimes. Most people can not figure out why their switch won’t turn on. Here, in this article, we will guide you through the core process to fix this issue using two ways. They can troubleshoot your problem.

Know This If Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Turn On:

When the Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On, you may have to use a long charge for its battery. You may keep it plugged in for an hour or more before trying to turn it on next time. 

If you notice that the switch is turning on again suddenly, it may have frozen. However, you can fix this issue by performing a quick hard reset.

If you perform a hard reset on your Nintendo, the switch will not delete any of your saved data.

Are You Facing Issues about the switch won’t turn on?

What to Do When Your Nintendo Switch Won't Turn on

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You have landed this page, which means your favorite Nintendo switch is not turning on. Isn’t that the case? If yes, you don’t have to panic because this issue is probably too small. Some reasons can cause Nintendo Switch not to turn on, but most of them are not serious problems. If you have seen your Nintendo Switch kit turning on, here are two ways to troubleshoot this issue and start it again.

How To Fix When Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

In most cases, you have to chalk it up to a drained battery when Nintendo Switch does not turn on. It is possible that the battery causes problems if you have not changed it for a long time. It results in its lost residual charge. Therefore, you have to place it into the plug it docks the charging cable indirectly. After that, you have to wait for an hour for it to charge back up. The switch has to be operational later, and it will get charged in three hours. If your Nintendo is unresponsive, it will take more time to charge. Here are two ways to use it.

Performing A Hard Reset:

When you see your switch unresponsive, even if you have a decent charging session, or when you can see a faint light coming from the black screen, you may have to force shut down. There is no need to worry about the saved data because it won’t lose data. 

FIX Nintendo Switch NOT Turning On / NOT Charging! (Easy Fix) 2020 - YouTube

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Shut Off The Switch Manually:

  • You have to hold the little circular power button on the top of your switch for at least 15 seconds. Its power button on the Switch is hard to see.
  • Release the button and wait for a few seconds.
  • Push its power button usually.
  • If you see that your switch won’t turn on, the issue may be deeper. You can contact the Nintendo support team to seek their help.

Final Thoughts:

Have you understood what to do when the switch won’t turn on? Either you can fully charge your Nintendo Switch battery or hard reset the switch to troubleshoot and solve the issue.