How to download free MP3 music fast

Are you tired of always listening to the same “loop” songs on your smartphone? Would you like to download some new songs from the Internet but don’t want to waste time configuring complicated programs? I have the solution for you. Free Mp3 Music Download I know quite a few that could be for you!

Several software, online services, and applications allow you to download free MP3 music quickly. You just need t know which are the most reliable and learn how to use them well: just what I plan to reveal to you toofferingrd, the services for listening to music in streaming are excellent, which also offer the possibility of locally You are interested the songs of interest.

Come on, then, take five free minutes and get to work immediately following the one instructions I am about to give you! I bet you will be amazed at the amount of good music you can download for free from the Internet in a matter of seconds!

How to Download Free MP3 Music to PC

Interested in understanding how to download free MP3 music to PC or the software you have to find the piece on Windows, macOS, and Linux? Then go ahead and read. Below, you will find those that represent the best programs in the category.

qBittorrent (Windows / macOS / Linux)

The first solution I recommend downloading free MP3 music quickly to your computer is qBittorrent, free, open-source, and running on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

In case you have never heard of it, it is a client for sharing and searching files on the BitTorrent network, one of the most used P2P networks in the world and within which you can find many music albums, as well as single songs (albeit in smaller quantities). Note that by downloading highly shared content, downloads can reach very impressive speeds.

To download qBittorrent on your computer. Connect to its website and. If you are using Windows. Click on the lin 32-bit & 64-bit installers located next to the flag. Of the Microsoft operating system. Then select. On the new page that opens. The entry qBittorrent Windows x64 (if you are using 64-bit Windows) or the qBittorrent Windows (if you are using 32-bit Windows ).

Once the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained and, in the window that appears on the desktop, click on the Yes, OK, and following buttons. Then check the box I accept the license conditions and complete the setup by clicking on the Next (two consecutive times), Instal,l, and Finish.

On the other hand, if you are using macOS, after opening the program website, download BitTorrent, click on the DMG link to find on the Apple logo, and sethe voice qBittorrent, Mac OS.

qBittorrent icon

When the download is complete, open the .dmg package obtained, move the qBittorrent icon to the Applications folder of the computer, right-click on it and select the Open item from the context menu, then press the Open button in response to the warning that appears on the desktop, to start the software going to circumvent the limitations imposed by Apple on applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start).

Now that you see the qBittorrent window click on the View menu located at the top left and choose the item Search engine attached to it to enable the search engine included in the application. If you are using Windows and are asked to install Python, accept: it is a free component essential for the tool’s functioning in question.

Once you have completed the above steps, select the Search tab from the main qBittorrent window, choose the Music option in the All categories drop-down menu and search for an album or song, typing its title in the text box on the left and pressing the adjacent Search key.

When the search results appear, arrange them in order of seeders (i.e., available sources), selecting the appropriate item in the box in the center, and double-click on the name of the file of your interest to start the download (trying to choose the one with the most significant number of sources under its belt).

For further information on the functioning of the program and. If necessary to understand how to open the related. Ports in the router (fundamental operation to speed up downloads as much as possible).

Lacey (Windows)

Another solution that I highly recommend you consider is Lacey, a free little program for Windows that allows you to download MP3 songs (and videos) from various online services in a straightforward and fast way.

To download the program to your computer, visit its website and click on the Free Download entry located in the middle of the page. How to connect airpods When the download is complete, open the ZIP archive you just downloaded, extract the contents to a folder of your choice and start the .exe file inside it.

Now that you see the program window on your desktop, to search for a song, click on the button with the arrow at the top and select the names of the services you want to use to download the songs; then type the title of the song to download in the text box located at the top and click on the button adjacent Search.,

Once the search is complete, double click on the name of the file you want to get, and it will be added to your downloads. Then, by going to the Downloads tab on the left, you can monitor the downloads’ status and open the downloaded songs and possibly convert the videos taken from the Internet into MP3. To do this, right-click on the video to convert to Lacey and select Convert to MP3 from the menu that opens.

Other solutions to download free MP3 music to PC

None of the solutions to download free MP3 music quickly that I have already suggested convinced you in a particular way? You would like to know if there are other valid solutions? Of course, yes! You can find them indicated in open sources.

  • JDownloader ( Windows / macOS ) – renowned free and open-source download manager. It can intercept” audio files present online (as open sources and imimageseliablewnload them. It supports all popular hosting and video sharing sites. 
  • eMule ( Windows ) – software for Windows, totally free and open-source, considered the undisputed king for P2P until a few years ago. Now it has fallen into disuse a lot. Still, it is an excellent tool to obtain exciting content, especially in the musical field, offering the possibility of finding numerous songs and albums that would be difficult to find elsewhere. 
  • aMule ( macOS / Linux ) – is a variant of the specific software for macOS and Linux and reproduces faithfully, or almost, the operation and characteristics. 

How to download free MP3 music without programs

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Don’t want or can’t install new software on your computer, and would you like to understand how to download free MP3 music without programs? I’ll settle you immediately.  Below, you will find those that I believe to be the most interesting online services suitable for the purpose. Try them now!

MP3 search engines

You probablyarenaren’tware of it, but you should know that MP3 search engines exist on the Net, which index music tracks hosted by numerous Internet sites, file hosting services, and social networks and allow you to download them for free. Furthermore, it is usually not necessary to install any extensions or plugins to take advantage of them.

Among the various solutions available, you can consider relying on MP3Juice. To use it, go to its home page, type the title of the song you want to download in the field in the center, choose fro. You side drop-down menu how to sort the results, press the Search button, and start the search.

When you find a song of your interest, to proceed with the download, click on the Download button next to its title and press the Download button on the new page that opens.

Should MP3Juice not satisfy you, you can consider using alternative solutions, such as DownloadAnySong and AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder, which are equally valid.


If you are looking for free MP3s to download to your PC and to use in various projects, such as videos to post on YouTube or public presentations, you can rely on Jamendo. It is a viral website where emerging artists and bands worldwide share their music for visitors to listen to and download. Among the hundreds of songs available on Jamendo, as just mentioned, there are also works released under the Creative Commons license that can be used in personal projects.

To use the service, go to the Jamendo home page and click on the Start button. In the new page that opens, click on the Login button at the top right, select the Register link attached to the box that appears, create an account on the site with your email address, or log in with your Facebook google account. After registering, you will be able to view the service’s main page, with the most successful and highlighted music contents. To “browse” the songs available on Jamendo based on the musical genre to which they belong, instead of click on the All genres drop-down menu at the top and select a genre from those listed.

You can also choose to sort your content differently by choosing your preferred option via the Best of iPhone menu. Alternatively, you see selecting tins song or album by keyword by typing the one you are interested in in the Search independent music field at the top.

Search independent music

To see the complete list of all songs and albums, instead of click on the Discover item in the left sidebar, select the #menusunities tab and click on the genre you are interested in. At this point, li,ke the Songs tab to view the list of available songs, the Album tab for the album list, or the Artists tab to access the singers a most separate.

When you find a song or an album that you think you might like, to download it, click personally next to its title and then press the Free download button for personally lye MP3 quality.

 Suppose you need to download songs to reuse in commercial projects. In that case. You can contact Jamendo Licensing. Which by signing up for an individual subscription (at the cost of/ month or 799 euros/year). Allows you to obtain. Many songs for professional purposes euros/year.

Other solutions to download free MP3 music to PC

On the Net. There are also other solutions through which you can find music tracks. To include in your projects or download music by emerging artists. But no less beautiful or. Again songs on which no copyright is in force anymore. If this interests you. Take a look at the sites listed in the list below.

  • Luminus – portal on which many audio files can be used in all types of projects, personal and commercial, without violating copyright.
  • Free Music Archive is another site that offers lots of good music to listen to, download, and even reuse for This in various projects. It requires no registration and is extremely easy to use.
  • – is one of those sites that should never be missing from your browser’s bookmarks. Its purpose is to allow universal access to knowledge. Consequently. It is possible to find any content within it. From music albums to books. From movies to video games. All legally distributed at no cost.

How to download free MP3 music on Android and iOS / iPadOS

If you use your computer a little and, consequently, are interested in understanding how to download free MP3 music on Android and iOS / iPadOS, you can consider relying on smartphone applications and tablets that you find listed below. However, I anticipate that these are primarily solutions for Android. However, for iOS and iPadOS, due to tipple’s particularly restrictive policies, such solutions often removed from the App Store.

  • Jamendo ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) is the independent music site’s official app reported to you in the previous lines . Using it, you can find many songs to play and download at no cost. The download of the songs, however, is only possible on Android.
  • TinyTunes ( Android ) – a  by new subscribers, by new subscribers famous free application for downloading music on Android. It allows you to search and download audio files of all kinds, taking them from different sources. Unfortunately, It is not available on the Play Store. This is why the app download must be performed from the developer’s website. And installed via the APK package obtained after activating support. For unknown sources in the Android settings.
  • Fildo ( Android ) – an app with a similar operation to the one above. Also free and through which you can download the audio files of interest from various sources. It is not available on the Play Store. So installing it requires downloading. Its APK package and enabling support for unknown sources android settings.

Musistreaminghe g

In conclusion, I want to point out that to download free MP3 music quickly you can also consider music streaming ices. Many of them allow you to download songs. Albums and playlists locally. Allowing them to be played. Even without an Internet connection.

The only thing to consider is that. . How to overclock ram  In most cases to use the services mentioned above. And download these contents locally. It is necessary to take out a paid subscription. Which can,n however, try at no cost. By new subscribers. for a limited d period. according to the service chosen. By new subscribers.

If this interests you, then below, you will find the ones that represent the best solutions of this type. Identify the one that you think will do the most for you and start exploiting it right away.

  • Spotify – was one of the first music streaming services to appear on the Italian market, and today,y it is still the most used. It can use via Web player. As a client for Windows and macOS. As an Android and iOS / iPad. And on various devices such as the PS4 and Amazon Echo. It offers a free basic plan with commercials and other limitations. Including the inability to download songs for offline playback. Then there is the paid plan. At 9.99 euros/month (or 119.88 euros/r). Which allows you to circumvent the limitations as mentioned. Above and which can try for free by new users for a variable period. Depending on of ongoing promotions (usually one month long). 
  • Apple Music

    – from the name, you understand it immediately: it is Apple’s music streaming service. It has a VA vibe that constantly updated. And also includes the iCloud Music Library. Which allows you to upload your favorite songs to the Apple cloud. And synchronize on all your devices. (Even those that are not part of the service catalog). The web clients can use it (still in beta version). And on macOS and Windows through iTunes or. On the most updated Macs. Through the Music application. The service integrated into the Music app for iOS. And can use as a dedicated app for Android on smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo. It costs 9.99 euros / month (or 99 euros/year). But New users can try the service at no cost for three months. 

  • YouTube Music – is YouTube’s music streaming service and is based on YouTube’s database. You can use it for free. But for offline listening and to access other additional functions. You need to subscribe to the paid subscription. Which costs 9.99 euros/month. However new users can t try the service for free for 30 days. It is accessible via web client and as an app for Android and iOS / iPad. 
  • Amazon Music

    – This is Amazon’s music streaming service. It’s free but only allows you to listen to a selection of the best playlists and radio stations. To unlock more content and download music. You need to activate Amazon Prime Music. (A free subscription for Amazon Prime customers that offers access. To a catalog of 2 million songs without commercial breaks.) Or Amazon Music Unlimited (A subscription to payment. Which costs 9.99 euros/month or 99 euros/year.  Best gaming router Which can, however,  try for free for three months and which allows access to the complete catalog of musical contents). It can use via the web client, For Windows and macOS. As an Android and iOS / iPad’s. And on Amazon Echo.

Warning: illegally downloading copyrighted music from the Internet is illegal. This tutorial has been written for illustrative purposes only. It is not my intention to encourage piracy. Therefore, I do not take any responsibility for how you will use the information contained therein.

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