Since the time the world’s biggest organization in market cap, Apple Inc, cell phone markets are humming since the time dispatched its most recent iPhone 12 series this month. Even though Apple fans worldwide need to be the first to get the new iPhone, this shrewd gadget accompanies a hefty price tag, particularly for clients in India. They need to cover the most noteworthy expenses, labor and products charge of around 44% on imported iPhones. Strangely, Apple iPhone 12 series cell phones are so exorbitant in India that they can cover head-out costs to Gulf nations like UAE. We said UAE because the iPhone 12 pro price in Dubai is way less expensive than in India. Even in the wake of considering the movement cost of a short outing, your complete cost of purchasing an iPhone 12 series cell phone in a stylish shopping center would be equivalent to purchasing an iPhone 12 pro in India. 

You better fly to Dubai for iPhone as the iPhone 12 pro price in Dubai is cheaper.

Apple iPhone 12 prices in India are generally higher than the iPhone 11 series. Apple reported the price of every one of the four 12 iPhone models that starts at Rs 69,900 and goes up to an incredible Rs 1,59,900. Taking a gander at the extravagant prices, particularly of the Pro models in India, netizens are fairly arranging an excursion to Dubai to get the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple iPhone 12 Pro price in India begins at Rs 1,19,900 for the 128GB base model. A similar model with 256GB and 512GB capacity arrangement is priced at Rs 1,29,900 and Rs 1,49,900. 

It was the same with other models like the iPhone 11 pro.

Contrast that with the iPhone 11 Pro dispatch price, which was at first accessible for Rs 99,900; the iPhone 12 Pro saw a Rs 20,000 leap in price tag. Prices of iPhones are a lot higher in India contrasted with different world pieces, which is chiefly because of the import obligations and duties. Not long after the prices were declared, netizens sorted out that buying an iPhone 12 Pro from Dubai would not exclusively be less expensive yet additionally help them set aside some cash. iPhone 12 Pro price in Dubai begins at Dh 4,199, which is generally Rs 84,000. A full circle flight ticket passage to Dubai would generally cost Rs 18,000. Add the expense of iPhone 12 Pro, Rs 84,000, and different costs generally Rs 15,000, making it an aggregate of 1,17,000. 

India is one of the most costly places for iPhone lovers.

It’s not a mystery anymore that Apple iPhones are consistently costlier in India contrasted with different world pieces. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that India is possibly the most costly place on the planet to purchase an iPhone. It’s not simply the situation with the new iPhone X dispatch; history talks that iPhones have consistently been generally costly in India. With demonetization and presentation of GST the nation over, it was expected that swelling would diminish. In any case, that is not the situation, so what’s driving the prices of an iPhone to the sky in India? This is what we broke down. 

Why is the iPhone Costly in India? Four Facts that make the iPhone costly in India.

Import Duty 

From the very first moment, the Modi Government had made their plan clear that they need unfamiliar organizations to make in India if they appreciate the immense Indian market. For the equivalent, the public authority likewise dispatched a Make in India crusade. The mission has gotten force, and numerous little and enormous organizations are setting up their assembling office in the country. Nonetheless, that is not the situation with Apple. Tim Cook met the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, two or multiple times previously, and they have likewise consented to set up an office in Bangalore to produce iPhone SE. 

Yet, the unit isn’t operational, and iPhones are imported to offer it to Indians. To promote Make in India and demotivate the imports, the Government has expanded the import obligation on telephones and its extras. As Apple doesn’t fabricate its gadgets, it needs to pay heavy import charges, which is straightforwardly an expense on the client. 

GST Makes iPhone Costly in India 

GST was as of late presented in India; it didn’t build the expense rate on cell phones; however, the duty rate on adornments is either 18% or 28%. This doesn’t straightforwardly influence the price of the iPhone, yet a client will think about everything before making a buy. If embellishments are costlier, the customer will probably pass on the proposal of purchasing the iPhone itself. The positive thing is that with GST, each Indian state will have near comparative prices, which wasn’t the case prior. 

Passing on the Forex misfortune 

Other Android cell phone organizations bring in their gadgets in India; however, they are not so costlier. To clarify that, how about we fail to remember the import burdens for some time and spotlight on the forex misfortunes that, for the most part, come to go about as money rates vary. Many cell phone organizations retain these misfortunes and don’t give them to the client. Notwithstanding, that is not the situation with Apple. The Cupertino monster has an exacting arrangement of keeping up the edges. INR has deteriorated significantly against the USD, and its impact is unmistakably apparent on the price of the most recent iPhone X. 

Forceful Marketing Costs 

Whether it is Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, or some other, each cell phone producer has a sharp eye on the Indian market. For the most part, because of the populace and its buying power. Said that there’s a forceful promoting war between organizations from purchasing a full page of a public paper to purchasing a piece of TV time for a commercial. 

Every one of these expenses is eventually conveyed forward on the top of the client. Apple is the same; it has also gone into India’s advertising battle for its lead gadgets; however, it is no place near infiltrating the mid-range market section, which different makers have caught. iPhone XR, which should be a little low on prices, is perhaps the most costly telephone in India. 

Would you be able to purchase an iPhone 12 at a less expensive price inside India? 

Collaborating with banking establishments to offer forceful reasonableness offers like money back and zero EMIs cut down the iPhone’s forthright expense. As the above factors add to India’s evaluation of the iPhone, clients can cut down the expense by profiting from cashback offers. Those with a GSTIN number can even guarantee GST input credit. While cashback will be standard across Apple online stores, internet business entrances, and disconnected stores, purchasers may think that it’s simpler to guarantee GST on Flipkart over Amazon. 

iPhone price comparison between different countries

iPhone 12 series prices in Japan: The iPhone 12 series prices are the least expensive in Japan. The iPhone 12 small 64GB stockpiling model is priced at JPY 74,800 (Rs 51,975). The iPhone 12 price begins at JPY 85,800 (Rs 59,618), while the iPhone 12 Pro costs JPY 74,210 (Rs 1,06,800) for 128GB variation. Concerning the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it will cost you JPY 1,17,800 (Rs 81,853). 

iPhone 12 series prices in South Korea: In South Korea, the iPhone 12 smaller than normal price begins at KRW 9,50,000 (Rs 63,390), while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are priced beginning at KRW 10,90,000 (Rs 63,390) and KRW 13,50,000 (Rs 78,510), separately. The iPhone 12 Pro Max accompanies a beginning price of KRW 14,90,000 (Rs 86,652). 

iPhone 12 series prices in the US: The US prices of the iPhone 12 series are also lower contrasted with India’s prices. The iPhone 12 is smaller than normal beginnings at $699 (Rs 56,122), while the iPhone 12 expenses $799 (Rs 64,150) for the base variation. The iPhone 12 Pro is priced at $999 (Rs 64,150), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at $1,099 (Rs 88,237). 

iPhone 12 series prices in Hong Kong: The iPhone 12 small scale price in Hong Kong begins at HK$ 5,999 (Rs 56,800). The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max can be brought at HK$6,799 (Rs 64,400), HK$ 8,499 (Rs 80,400), and HK$9,399 (Rs 88,923), separately. 

iPhone 12 series prices in Australia: The iPhone 12 small in Australia is priced at A$1,199 (Rs 57,300), while the iPhone 12 beginnings from A$1,349 (Rs 64,615). The iPhone 12 Pro will be accessible in the country at A$1,699 (Rs 81,400) – the model is less expensive in UAE, with a price beginning at generally around Rs 80,429. The exceptional iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at A$1,849 (Rs 88,565). 


There’s no obvious sign of when Indian clients will follow through on costs like different nations for their iPhone. Apple’s assembly unit in India will make the iPhone SE and not the most recent gadgets. Regardless of whether that plant works at its most extreme limit, Indian clients will either need to address the top-notch costs for lead gadgets or settle with a more established firm, the iPhone SE. So, it’s better for Indians to go to Dubai and buy iPhone 12 pro from there. iPhone 12 pro price in Dubai is cheaper than that; even a round trip would be less costly than its price in India. Share your views about the post in the comment box below.