With the time of the seasonal spooks arriving soon, it has not just left the kids fired up but also the adults. Many adults tend to think they’re too old for Halloween. They couldn’t be any more wrong.Let’s first establish that Halloween is a time to celebrate our favorite monsters and ghosts while playfully tending to the occasional paradigm of offering kids treats or fooling them with witty yet playful tricks. We all have had our moments in childhood to celebrate the season of ghosts and ghouls. It lasts till we basically grow out of it. We enter adulthood.Adulthood in itself is a stressful life. We appreciate off days on account of different occasions, such as Halloween, that are, for us, a bonus.Overall, we should catch a break at this time. And with the list of games and Halloween Events For Adults below, you’ll be fired up like a kid again.

Halloween events for Adults: 

1. Decorate The Yards:

This endeavor is not only fit for adults but for kids as well. The age doesn’t matter, just an engagement in an activity for an adult that sparks some form of body between the two. This is an option to consider, as the possibilities to have fun in the process are endless.

decorate pumpkin

This can be a time to teach children about teamwork. Adults can engage in brainstorming and coming up with ideas to make the most out of their wits and creativity. And ultimately achieve a common goal. 

2. Pumpkin Carving: 

This is another fun endeavor not just for adults but for kids as well. One may start a contest for the best-looking pumpkin or a fast pumpkin carving contest where speed and precision will determine whose pumpkin shall be placed on the front porch.

halloween events for adults

Adults and children alike will equally find this activity a fun one because it offers creative liberty and positive competition and promotes healthy sportsmanship.

3. Cooking Halloween Themed Food: 

There are no better moments spent cooking together in the kitchen. Most world-known chefs have claimed that the most cherished memories they’ve had were that of sharing time with loved ones in the kitchen.

cooking food

Halloween cooking is a great time to pull out all the stocks to unleash the creative monster within and invent dishes that fit the occasion. Adults can indulge by cooking with friends and family. The dishes can be as fancy as they’d like and suit their taste. 

Kids will be included for a second if candies and sugar are involved. In this case, be ready for a sugar rush.

4. Halloween Jamming:

There’s been a multitude of songs that fall under the category of Halloween. Children, teens with their friends, and family can jam out to their favorite song any time to celebrate the spooks.

halloween events for adults

Go To Halloween Themed Amusements (Carnival, Fair, Amusement Parks,etc)  

Going to fairs and carnivals is a good idea for friends and family. Fairs and carnivals have an array of things and Halloween events for adults and kids alike.

All sorts of fun games will rile up an appetite for seasonal foods at the fair. Parades and other amusements can be found in a massive carnival near your town that features every type of monster, including your favorite.

5. Pumpkin Hunting:

This is a great idea for family time outside with kids. If not family, you can go out pumping for carving with either your close friends or your love partner. A good, aesthetically pleasing pumpkin patch is always a good spot for Instagram-worthy pictures.

Pumpkin Hunting

6. Halloween Trivia Night:

Host a trivia night with friends. Spice things up with a bit of booze with each question answered incorrectly. Kids and family can also be included if you subtract the booze and set questions that are both tricky and easy to answer at the same time.

halloween events for adults

7. Halloween Movie Marathon:

Have a movie marathon for one whole night with a bucket of warm buttery popcorn and drinks. Invite your friends over for the special occasion. Choose an ideal Halloween movie (horror, thriller, mystery, etc), share your popcorn or any other favorite snack during a movie, and enjoy a free movie marathon that goes on till sunrise.

Movie Marathon

8. Neighbourhood Decoration Scouting:

One can even engage differently by scouting out the best-looking Halloween decorations every year and rating them to see which house has done a good job sticking to the theme and standing out from the rest that have the same theme.

halloween events for adults

One can either do this individually or involve family or friends for open discussions and sharing their opinions.

9. Halloween Themed Games: 

Till now, there have been many games invented and tweaked by many to suit the requirements of an occasion. Of which Halloween games have been doing so.

Themed Games

Games like Heads Up Halloween edition, dumb charades, pictionary, rotten Russian roulette, etc. can all be played, elements of which can be tweaked to fit the theme. 

Other games like Werewolf, Dungeons, and Dragons are ideal for the occasion, for one can easily include Halloween elements into the mix to have it match the theme.

10. Scary Story Exchange:

Scary stories are a staple for many different situations. Still, scary stories can be swapped back and forth during Halloween. How could one not do that at the perfect time of the year?

halloween events for adults

11. Halloween-Themed Party:

Host a Halloween-themed party for adults. Include all festivities and season treats. Have your friends overdressed as their desired monsters, TV characters, and, if they really want to, different objects as well.

Themed Party

Include the games mentioned above with a hint of booze in each of them to really get the party started.

12. Craft Faux Pumpkins:

This is a sustainable way to make sure no pumpkins go to waste. This is fit for those looking for a much cheaper and more sustainable way to preserve the essence of Halloween every year. You can do so with faux pumpkins they’ve made themselves. 


They’re quite easy to make if one has access to glue, vintage candy wrappers or any type of candy wrappers, craft scissors, etc. 

Kids can be involved in the making process. Hence, they understand the importance of being sustainable while preserving the essence of the spooky holiday.


To tie things up, Halloween events for adults don’t always have to be limited to adults. Halloween is a season for all. A celebration by all. There’s not much need to be picked on what is for kids and adults. 

Halloween events are flexible, depending on the inclusion of drinks and foods for grown-ups.