How to unlock locked iPhone

It is true, your iPhone is no longer the last one launched on the market and now begins to struggle with each release of the new versions of iOS, but this does not justify the fact that from time to time, it freezes are, therefore, practically unusable. The fault, “old age” aside, is probably found in unspecified processes that are sometimes severely managed or, again, in excessive memory use. Fortunately for you, however, you came across this tutorial of mine dedicated to unlocking a locked iPhone. If you want, I can, therefore, provide you with some valuable tips.

If you allow me a few minutes of your precious free time, I will show you, in detail, how to start using your “iPhone by” without problems when a situation such as the one in question occurs. There are several procedures you can try to put into practice. In all cases, you will not have to do anything particularly complex. You have my word.

What do you say? The above reasons are not the reasons for blocking your cell phone from the “bitten apple.” But instead of having entered the unlock code on the device too many times and incorrectly. No problem, I can show you how to proceed, even in this case. The same goes for if your iDevice has remained stationary on the screen with the apple logo and is therefore unusable. In short, in the end, you will see, you will have a complete picture of the situation. Happy reading and… good “work”!

Force restart the iPhone: how to unlock iphone

Suppose your problem is that the iPhone you own has been “literally” paralyzed on a given screen. Or no longer seems to respond to commands and you would like. Therefore, to turn it off and on again to try to cope with the thing. But even this does not seem to be there. You can try to fix things by force restarting the device. You ask me how? I’ll explain it to you right away.

All you have to do is hold down for about ten seconds the  Power button of the device (which depending on the iPhone model, can be on the top of the right side) and the  Home button  (the one located in the center below the screen) at the same time until the display turns black. If you are using an iPhone 7 or  7 Plus, instead of the Home button, you must use the Volume – (minus symbol), then you must hold down the Power and  Volume – (minus sign) keys until the phone restarts and appears the apple logo on the screen.

If you are using an iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X, the procedure you need to follow is different from the one just seen together: you have to press and quickly release the Volume + key, press and quickly release the Volume key –  and hold pressed the side button on the right until the display turns off. Even in this case, the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

wait for the iOS operating system to load from scratch: how to unlock iphone

Then, regardless of the iPhone model you have. How to split screen on mac.  Release the keys and wait for the iOS operating system to load from scratch. Type, therefore, the unlock code of the device (if enabled) and the possible PIN of the SIM inserted in it. Then if everything went the right way, and if there are no other problems, you should finally be able to use yours usually. “iPhone by.”

As you can see for yourself, the procedure to be put into practice is quite simple. If you think you need further details or in any case if, apart from the forced restart of the device. You want to find out what other systems are available to be able to restart the iPhone. You can read my dedicated tutorial, precisely, on how to restart iPhone.

Free up memory: how to unlock iphone

Although the iPhone is perfectly capable of managing RAM allowing users to open more. And more apps simultaneously without having to close them from time to time and without encountering problems. In some cases, especially when the device in use is not exactly brand new. It can still cause some issues creating blocks and various slowdowns. To cope with such a situation. It can therefore be of great help to free the memory “manually.” How do you do it? Let’s find out right away.

To begin with, take your iPhone and unlock it to access the Home Screen, then press and keep pressing the Power button (which, depending on the iPhone model, can be at the top or on the right side) until you see the lever slide to power off.

Then release the  Power button, then press and continue holding the  Home button for a few moments. By doing this, you will be sent back to the Home Screen, and the iPhone’s RAM will be immediately freed.

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And if what you are using is an iPhone X. how to expand the ram. The procedure to be put into practice is slightly different from what we have seen together above due to the home button’s absence on the device. And the consequent reassignment of the functions of the physical buttons available. So, what you have to do in this case is to go to the iOS Settings section. Select General and  Accessibility, then AssistiveTouch, and turn ON the relative switch attached to the next screen.

the memory of the iPhone will be emptied

Now, go back to the General screen, stop on Switch off, press the AssisteTouch icon that appears on the screen (the light ball with the darker circle around it ), and press and hold the Home button on display for a few moments. Massively you will be asked to the Home Screen of the “iPhone by.” And the memory of the iPhone will be emptied. Just as seen above for the previous models of the Apple smartphone.

If you think you need more details, I suggest you take a look at my article on how to hover RAM on an iPhone, through which I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in even more depth.

Re-enable the iPhone: how to unlock iphone

Your problem is that you have typed the unlock code of the “iPhone by” several times in a row. And now the message “iPhone disabled” appears on the screen, and you would like to understand how to solve it? No problem. As anticipated at the beginning of the post, I can help you even in this case. Read, therefore, the instructions below, and you will immediately find out how to unlock your locked iPhone.

To succeed in the enterprise, you need a computer and iTunes (on  Mac, it is available “standard,” while on  Windows, you can get it by following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on installing iTunes ). Also, keep in mind that using it for this tutorial is essential. That you have used it at least once to follow the synchronization of the device.

To succeed in your intent. How to update mac. Therefore, connect the iPhone to the computer using the appropriate Lightning cable.  Wait for the device to be recognized by iTunes and for the software to start automatically. (if it does not happen, you provide). Then wait a few moments for that the iDevice synchronization procedure completed.

Then, click on the icon depicting an iPhone at the top left of the program window and then press the Restore iPhone … button located on the right in the Summary tab. Then accept the terms of use of iOS by clicking first on Restore / Restore and Update, then on Next, and Accept.

the download of the latest version of iOS

At this point, the download of the latest version of iOS available for your “iPhone by” will start. And when the procedure is completed. A message will appear warning you that the iPhone has been restored to its factory state once this has been one. You will have to decide by selecting the appropriate option on the smartphone screen. Whether to configure your iDevice as a new one **** or whether to restore your data. Apps and settings from any previous backup.

I want to point out that in addition to that, as I have just indicated, you can unlock your locked iPhone following an excessive number of attempts to enter the wrong code by putting into practice an alternative procedure, the one that involves the use of Find my iPhone. If that interests you, you can read my guide on unlocking a disabled iPhone to learn more.

Note:  If after connecting your iPhone to iTunes in the software window, you see a warning appear asking you to type a code, try to carry out the procedure in question on another computer, or go to the next step.

Exit the startup screen: how to unlock iphone

Have you turned on your “iPhone by” and remained still on the screen with the apple logo? And do you not have the slightest idea how to unlock the now locked iPhone? Well, I think so. Unless you use the iTunes above, you will not succeed in your intent. So let’s see how to proceed.

take your iPhone, connect it to the computer via the Lightning cable, and wait for iTunes to start. (if you don’t have a Mac and haven’t already installed it, you can read the instructions. I gave you in the previous chapter to find out how to do it). While the iPhone connected. Have it enter recovery mode by proceeding as follows depending on the model. All iPhones up to 6s and 6s Plus – Press the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for a few moments.

  • iPhone 7 or 7 Plus – Press and hold the  Power key and the Volume key – (Minus symbol) at the same time and keep pressing them for a few moments.
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X – Press and quickly release the Volume + key (plus symbol), then quickly press and release the Volume – legend (minus symbol)  and hold down the side button for a moment.
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Update to try reinstalling iOS without erasing data

Once you have carried out the above steps. On the screen of the “iPhone by.” You will then see the iTunes logo and that of a cable on a black background. Instead, on the computer desktop, you will see an iTunes warning indicating. That there is a problem with the device for which you need to update or restore it. Choose  Update to try reinstalling iOS without erasing data or  Restore. To restore the machine to its factory state (always by downloading the olive version of iOS available).

If you think you need more explanation, you can read my article on putting an iPhone in DFU.  Through which I have also told you about the steps above.

Program to unlock locked iPhone

Does your iPhone continually boot into recovery mode? (the one that shows the iTunes logo in the center of the screen) or shows a solid black screen? In that case, you could try to unlock the situation (and the device) using a program suitable for the purpose, for example, Wondershare someone.

Wondershare Dr. Fone is an all-in-one solution to manage the iPhone and other smartphone models at 360 degrees. It is making backup copies, restoring them, and recovering them in case of cancellation. But not only that: among its many functions, there is also one dedicated to the recovery of iOS, which allows you to restore the correct functioning of the operating system in the event of a black screen, white screen, or repeated startup in recovery mode.

The program is available for both Windows and macOS and consists of various modules: the Repair one, intended precisely for restoring iOS devices, has costs starting from $ 59.95 / year. However, the possibility offered to download a free trial version. That allows you to test its effectiveness at no charge (without, however, restore the iPhone completely).

To download the dr. Fone Repair module, connect to the program’s website and click on the Download now button in the page’s center. This will download the software version best suited to the operating system installed on your computer.

When the download is complete, if you use Windows, start the .exe file you just obtained and, in the window that opens, click first on the Yes button and then on Install. Wait, therefore, for all the components necessary for the functioning of the program to be downloaded and installed and click on the Start Now button to complete the setup.

To install the program on Mac.

Instead, to install Mac’s program, open the .dmg file obtained, click on the Accept button (in the window that opens), and drag the dr. Fone icon into the macOS Applications folder. When you first start, you will then confirm with the software, answering. Open the warning that appears on the screen.

To proceed with the iOS recovery, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer using the supplied Lightning cable. For the phone to be recognized correctly by the computer, you must first install iTunes and pair the iPhone with it.

iTunes is installed “as standard” on all Macs and is available as a free download for Windows: if you haven’t installed it yet, find out how to proceed by reading my tutorial dedicated to the theme. Instead, to associate the iPhone to the program, connect the smartphone to the computer, use the appropriate cable, answer affirmatively to the warnings that appear on the computer and the “iPhone by” and type the latter’s unlock code.

At this point, you have to close iTunes, start dr. Fone, and click on the Repair button present in the main menu of the program.

In the window that opens, press the Start button, then OK, then Start again and follow the instructions on the screen to put the iPhone in DFU mode. If the procedure is not successful, you can set the iPhone in recovery mode by clicking on the item. If your device fails to activate DFU mode, click here to enter the recovery mode, bottom left, and following the on-screen indications.

correctly detected the model of “iPhone by”

Once you have activated DFU mode or recovery mode on the iPhone, make sure that dr. Fone has correctly detected the “iPhone by” model in your possession and, if necessary, use the drop-down menus on the screen to modify it and specify the version of iOS to download. Once this is done, press the Download button and wait patiently for the selected operating system version to be downloaded from the Internet.

At this point, click on the Fix Now button to start the iOS recovery. When finished, the iPhone should work properly again.

If this is not the case, go back to the Repair section of dr. fone again, click on the Advanced mode item (located at the bottom left of the window that opens) and follow the same procedure described above, to try to restore your smartphone and ” bring it back to life. “

In case of further problems

Despite having put into practice the instructions, I have given you in the previous lines. Have you still not been able to unlock your locked iPhone? Is the problem? You encountered a different nature from those mentioned above, and you do not know how to solve it? Well, then I think you need to get in touch with Apple Customer Service.

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