sci fi horror books

The Sci Fi Horror books are a unique kind of book that mainly focuses on such scenarios where via the use of advanced scientific types of equipment and futuristic resources the author tries to invoke fear inside its readers. The main characters of such books are either some alien or advanced creature who tries to attack and destroy humanity. Further, such books try to instill fear inside the readers through futuristic machines and technologies and also involve a battle of spaceships and specialized aircraft such as UFOs. Therefore, this genre of books often attracts young readers who are much more inclined towards advanced technologies. Some of the famous books include – Carrion Comfort, Frankenstein, I Am Legend, The Girl with All the Gifts etc.


#1. Frankenstein

AUTHOR – Mary Shelley

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PLOT – This is one of the oldest sci fi horror books and is one of the first of this kind. The story focuses on the lives of monsters and doctors. On the one hand, the story portrays how the monsters that are considered to be dangerous creatures, have all the elements of affection, love and kindness like that of a good person. The original book was later subjected to multiple changes and was ultimately converted into a movie too.

#2. World War Z

AUTHOR – Max Brooks

sci fi horror books
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PLOT – The story focuses on the outbreak of a deadly virus in China which ultimately leads to the rise of the dead people which gets converted into walking corps or zombies. These zombies began to attack the human race and ultimately unite all the countries to fight this battle commonly with each other. Subsequently, these changes cause certain changes in the geopolitical scenarios throughout the world vanishing various countries from the world map.

#3. I Am Legend

AUTHOR – Richard Matheson

I Am Legend
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PLOT – The story revolves around the life of the chief protagonist Neville, who was the sole survivor after the outbreak of a pandemic which ultimately converted the entire dead person into deadly, ruthless and blood-sucking vampires. Due to this, Neville who is the only survivor left in this world has to hide from the vampires and ultimately tries to find out scientific solution to terminate these vampires. The story further deals with how Neville fights with these zombies and ultimately faces the brutal fate of his life dying in a prison cell.

#4. The Girl with All the Gifts

AUTHOR – M.R. Carey

sci fi horror books
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PLOT – The story revolves around the fight of human beings against the zombies which are also known as hungries due to their habit of eating the flesh of healthy human beings. The main protagonist of the movie Melanie also got infected with the disease but she acts differently as compared to others and becomes an inspiration for medical enthusiasts and other human beings who later continue their fight against the Hungries.

#5. Annihilation

AUTHOR – Jeff VanderMeer

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PLOT – The main protagonists of the story are – a surveyor, an anthropologist, a biologist and a psychologist who secretly enters into a region known as “Area X” which was closed by the local government three decades ago. Upon entering the region, the protagonists realize the presence of a deadly creature in the region which they refer to as “crawler”. Ultimately they all began to die one by one leaving behind the biologist. The instance of various methods of survival used by different characters make the movie one of the most heart-wrenching sci fi horror books.

#6. The Luminous Dead

AUTHOR – Caitlin Starling

sci fi horror books
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PLOT – The book mainly focuses upon the two protagonists of the story which were Gyre Price and Em. They try to find the deadly creatures named tunnelers who live inside an old underground water system. Their main task is to administer various drugs and kill these tunnelers. On one hand, Gyre Price is an experienced cave diver while Em holds the responsibility of protecting Gyre under adverse circumstances.

#7. Who Goes There?

AUTHOR – John W Campbell Junior

Who Goes There?
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PLOT – The novel revolves around a few scientific researchers who went to Antarctica to discover more about the isolated continent. During their research, they found a buried spaceship. Upon further discovery, they found an alien inside the ship which was waiting for some form of heat and gained consciousness after receiving the same. These aliens could easily transform themselves into any human beings, ultimately making the researchers suspect everyone present on the continent.

#8. The Stand

AUTHOR – Stephen King

sci fi horror books
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PLOT – The novel is written by one of the most acclaimed sci fi horror nooks writers of the 20th century which is none other than Stephen King. The main plot of the story revolves around the outbreak of a biological weapon containing the influenza virus and how it destroys the lives of people all around the world. Ultimately, the adverse situation leads to subsequent fights between various nation-states and disrupts the world’s peace, order and harmony.

#9. Blindsight

AUTHOR – Peter Watts

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PLOT – The book revolves around the research on a comet that resides beyond the Kuiper Belt. A group of astronauts went there to find out the strange signals transmitted by the comet and later found out about the strange vessel named Rorschach which transmitted those strange signals.


The sci fi horror books are a great source of entertainment and expand the thinking of the readers beyond the common popular theories and beliefs prevalent around the world. Further, such books often raise some heart-wrenching questions in front of their readers which make them think about scenarios that are way beyond the thinking of ordinary human minds. Overall, by referring to the above-mentioned sci fi horror books one could experience a great source of entertainment and could also have a glimpse towards the scenarios that might be the future advancements in the field of technology and science in the years to come.