Why Your Business Needs the Services of Pinterest Advertising Agencies

There are different social media platforms that you can use to advertise your products and/or services. Perhaps, Pinterest Advertising Agencies made it to the list of sites you plan to use because there are over two hundred and fifty million users on the platform.

When you hire the services of a Pinterest advertising agency, you stand a good chance of showcasing your business in order to attract new leads. You can visit Divine Social to learn about how to make this choice.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Pinterest Advertising Agency

Let us see 3 major reasons to hire the services of Pinterest advertising agencies. 

1. You Will Focus More on Your Business

It is pretty difficult to run a business alongside a marketing campaign on social media. Focusing on your daily activities as a business owner will not avail you the luxury of time to run an advertising campaign on Pinterest. But when you hire the right agency, you do not need to bother about managing multiple tasks. You can always rely on the experts to effectively run your campaigns and present your business with results.

2. Your Campaign Will Reach Quality Leads

The essence of running an ad on Pinterest is to reach people who are highly interested in what you offer. When you simply post content, you will not reach those people. But using the ads feature on the platform helps your business to connect with the right audience. 

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More importantly, hiring the services of an agency will help project your business to users who show interest in similar products or services you offer. This will help you to reach as well as connect with quality leads. As soon as they view your content, it won’t take long before they start following you on the platform and checking out your offers.

3. Your Business Will Drive More Sales 

There are tons of products and pins on the platform. It even serves as a source of inspiration and ideas for people. Statistics show that 87% of users have bought a product on the platform. But you cannot achieve this without the help of a Pinterest advertising agency. 

The agency helps to connect your business to people who are looking for your products. Let us say you run a campaign for a particular recipe that people are searching for. When people see the ad and it is what they have been seeking, they will want to purchase the ingredients. If your business sells one or more of those ingredients, people will more likely purchase them from you because that is what you used in the ad.

This is a simple example of how to drive sales through Pinterest. Since users are always looking for specific ideas or products, they will more likely become paying customers when they discover what they are looking for. You can check out https://themanifest.com/digital-marketing/why-use-pinterest-business to see more reasons to get your business on the platform.

Commonly Asked Questions About Advertising on Pinterest

Running campaigns on the platform is a huge opportunity for growing a business. However, this feature is quite new, and some people still do not know how it works. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the services of Pinterest advertising agencies.

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How Will Users See the Ads?

When you run ads, your target customers will see them in the following places:

  • Search results
  • Category pages
  • Home feed

These are the 3 major places where there is a high probability for them to click on ads.

Are All Ads the Same?

There are different formats for ads, so all ads are not the same. The formats are:

  • Promoted App Pin: This allows users to find and download the latest apps. When they click on the advert, it directs them to download without going away from the platform.
  • Promoted Carousel: It contains multiple images. You can add about 5 images to enable users to swipe through and learn about the products you offer or your brand.
  • Promoted Video Pin: The video you post will appear on the search result page but as a promoted post. It inspires users to try out a new product or just gives them another perspective on the product.
  • Promoted Pin: This is a basic ad that appears like the standard pin. It also helps you to reach more prospects. You can also visit this website to discover how these ads work.


In this age and time, owning a physical store is not enough. You need to take your business to the digital space as well as promote your products and services using various strategies. Pinterest offers a big stage for both big and small businesses to advertise their offers. Hiring an advertising agency that can effectively use this platform will give you more advantages.

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