How to grow taller

A few centimeters are missing from the longed-for model measurements. Grow taller. Maybe you can use these tips to gain a little more body length!

If only I were a little bigger! Have you already thought that sometimes, only to give up quietly because you have long since stopped growing? All is not lost yet – with the right workouts and with a bit of persistence, you may be able to cut out a few more inches. These exercises can help.

As you swim your laps in the pool, you automatically stretch and stretch your body. If you have been hunched up at your desk for many hours, you will unfold to your original size over time. Bonus centimeters are also included – but you have to swim a lot for this: A promising target is two hours a day.

You can do something for your size even without a pool or equipment: Simply touch your toes with your fingertips and push your knees through. Hold this stretch for a few seconds. If you cannot quite get to your toes (yet), do not despair – you are not alone with it! Also good: touch your toes with your hands while sitting and your legs straight, of course. Practice creates masters.

In this exercise, you lie on your back and bend your legs. The arms are close to the body with the palms facing down. Now lift your hips so that only your shoulders are in contact with the floor. Your upper body should form as straight a line as possible with your thighs. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat several times.

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In this exercise, your body looks like a table, with arms and legs as table legs and your stomach as a table surface. It seems more straightforward than it is! The starting position is the prone position. Then you push yourself up with your hands and feet.

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Jump big grow taller

For example, simple jumps – from a moderate crouching up – stretch the cartilage and lengthen the body over time. Basketball is an excellent opportunity to jump; you wonder whether the players have always been that big or only got so huge when they jumped? Tempting, though, with growth potential!


That was fun even as a child – and it helped grow: make a candle more often by lying on your back, swinging your legs in the air, and putting your hands on your hips; this is how you stabilize yourself while you stretch your legs straight up in the air. In the more extreme variant, you put your feet behind your head – this is also a well-known yoga and Pilates exercise.

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