Today, people like to share some of their special moments only with specific people. For that, they want to use the social media app, ‘Snapchat’. It is because it gives freedom to users to use various in-built features. One of them is a private story which is quite an exceptional feature for users like those who like to share something special with a limited number of people. This feature allows you to post stories privately without any problem. Now, you are stunned and want to use this feature. But do you know how to post a private story on snapchat? If not, this is the right time to get together with this mind-blowing feature.

Snapchat Private Story: What is This Feature?

Snapchat is famous for its unique in-built app features, especially for posting a private story. But how to post a private story on snapchat is what you are concerned about. 

It has a feature private story along with a public story. The private story makes a private section where you post a specific type of story. All these stories are only visible to particular kinds of viewers whom you want to share. These viewers can access your private story for a limited period. So, choose viewers according to your needs. Selecting random viewers can ruin your privacy too.

Moreover, the best part about the private story is that after 24 hours, your story will be removed permanently from the main screen. No one will be able to see the story, including you. So, it is a good thing if you seriously prefer privacy. And this feature is also good for saving you from getting your snaps leaked through third parties. It also notifies when your private story is running in the background and stops showing when the 24-hour time is over. 

How to Post a Private Story on Snapchat

Posting a story on social media is not a big task, but it kind of feels chill when it comes to a private story. However, you can post a private story on snapchat in two different ways. And the best part about snapchat is it does not feel as complicated as other social media‘s private story mode. So, you can post your first private story without any trouble. Just make sure that your Snapchat app is up-to-date before doing so. Additionally, you can explore Snapchat’s innovative features, like Snapchat Planets, which will take your private stories to a whole new level.

Use Camera Screen

You can also use your camera to post a private story, just like you do for a standard snap. And the below-mentioned steps can be used in snapchat stories too. So, you will get knowledge of two different story styles with a single process.


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  • Open ‘The Snapchat App
  • For ‘taking a snap or recording a video, click on the ‘circle-shaped button’, which is located at the bottom side of the ‘main screen.’
  • After clicking on that button, your ‘camera screen’ will open.
  • Or if you already have a video or snap which you want to upload as a private story, then you can touch on the ‘upload.’
  • Now, you need to send the story to the people in your snapchat contact list or added to your ID. For that, touch the ‘send to’ button. 
  • Then a new page will open; touch on the option ‘new story’, located at the top of the main screen.
  • Now, look at the bottom section where a menu bar will pop up, touch on the option and select ‘new private story.’
  • After that, choose your particular friends with whom you want to share your private story.
  • By clicking on ‘snapchat friends’, you will see a list of your friends’ names who are on snapchat
  • Then touch the ‘checkmark’ option to confirm your progress till now.
  • Now, you will see a private story besides the standard one on the main screen.

Use Profile

If you don’t want to take a burden on your shoulder through a long process of the camera screen, then you can use a profile too. A profile is an alternative way, or a second way of posting private stories. You can use it by going into the profile section where you see creating stories. However, you need to make sure that the story you are going to post must be completed through in-app features only.

how to post a private story on snapchat

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  • Open ‘snapchat’ app
  • Now touch on the ‘bitmoji/animated face created by you or system’ to enter into the profile section.
  • Then you will see all the features related to snapchat
  • Now touch on the ‘new story’ option.
  • After that, choose the ‘private story.’ 
  • You will move forward with a new page, ‘contacts.’
  • Choose all the people who you want to share the private story with. 
  • After choosing them, touch on the ‘checkmark’ option. 
  • Now touch on the ‘name’ and give a name which can describe your story.
  • Then you need to touch on the ‘create story’ section, which is located on the screen.
  • Now, your private story will get published.

Can Snapchat Private Story be Removed?

Yes, the snapchat private story can be removed from the storyboard. However, it requires a process to follow to end the story. But after knowing about how to post a private story on snapchat, why do you want to take down the story? There may be various reasons, such as accidentally uploading the wrong story, which is not even related to your post. Or we can say that the motive behind posting the particular story is already achieved, so you don’t need it anymore to hang on the storyboard. 

So, for further details, you need to check the below process for story-deleting purposes:


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  • Open ‘snapchat’
  • Look at the top corner, where you will see your option with a ‘profile image’ (avatar/ bitmoji)
  • Now enter it by touching on to ‘profile image.’ 
  • Then move forward by touching on ‘three dots’, which are located on the right side of the main screen.
  • You can touch the three dots only after entering the ‘My Stories.’
  • After that, you will see the ‘menu bar’; touch on that and see the ‘delete story’ option.
  • Now, a new page will pop up confirming your action. It means you have to approve them by selecting one of the options.
  • After choosing the ‘delete’ option, your private story will be removed from the storyboard.


Through our above-mentioned process, we have learned how to post a private story on snapchat without making any fuss. Also, we got a chance to learn about snapchat private stories and the process of deleting a private story. However, use the above-mentioned steps only after you want to do it. Sometimes, we ruin our personal image due to accidental uploading of private stories, So be careful before posting a private story on the application.